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    ***SOLD*** CAV GT40 Mark I For Sale ***SOLD***

    The time has come for me to sell my one-owner CAV GT40 Mark I, serial number 1A69MONOB66 which was purchased new in 2003. The car is guardsman blue with silver stripes, BRM wheels, a 342 cu in Roush engine, and a ZF transaxle. Ownership has been a labor of love with many upgrades and...
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    CAV - Getting The Horsepower To The Ground - Part VII

    It is not the same degree of intimacy as loaning your wife to a buddy for the weekend but it is close. After all the times your friends have patiently listened to you describe the fabulous performance of your GT40 eventually someone is going to ask to drive the car and experience nirvana for...
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    Aerodynamic Data for GT40s

    In another thread “Frontal Protection in a '40” the discussion moved around to aerodynamics. With a tip of the hat to Ron who recently suggested we avoid mixing the topic of threads, I though I would ask for additional comments about GT40 aerodynamics here. In that other thread I think Lynn...
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    Any Morris Minor Woody Station Wagon Fans?

    Can anyone on the forum suggest where I can get a 1952 Morris Minor Woody Station Wagon apraised and sold? I have found lots of Morris fans in the U.K. but no obvious groups in the U.S. Thanks for any suggestions, Bob
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    A/C Schematic - Help Needed

    Hi guys, I am having an intermittent problem with the air conditioner on my CAV. For no reason I can determine, it sometimes fails to start. Operation is normal at other times. I suspect the thermostat switch may be bad or I may just have a loose connection somewhere. Unfortunately I...
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    CAV - Part VI - Entries #21 & 22

    I guess as part of the teething pains with the new forum, the last two entries and pictures from CAV - Getting the Horsepower to the Ground - Part VI cannot be seen unless you are a member and logged in. Guests only see 20 of 22 total posts. This will probably change in the future but for now...
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    How to post pictures, step by step instructions

    Help..... As some of you may have noticed in: CAV-Getting the Power to the Ground-Part VI I have not had much luck posting pictures since the new forum software came online. Any help with step by step instructions to post pictures would be appreciated. My posts do not make much sense...
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    CAV - Getting The Horsepower To The Ground - Part VI

    I will start Part VI with no foreplay. Last week a rare Arizona desert tornado crossed over the metal rack at the back of the warehouse. It tossed a bunch of material up in the air and drove a stew pot right through the center of a piece of aluminum fusing it in place !!
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    CAV - Getting the Horsepower to the Ground - Part V

    The GT40 is a demanding mistress. I think the undeniable experience for just about everyone is that: Planning is always easier than the job itself. In October I ended Part IV of CAV-Getting the Horsepower to the Ground with the wildly optimistic expectation that I would just pop the engine...
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    Cool Cars at Barrett-Jackson

    Of general interest, here are a few pictures of two cars that are going on the block Sunday at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale. Anyone with a discount coupon for 50% off any car should consider either of these candidates. The first car is of course, GT40P-1096. The history board notes that this...
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    CAV - Getting the Horsepower to the Ground – Part IV

    Previous parts of this unintended epic post were about the little adjustments needed to install upgraded motor mounts, crossmember, trailing arm yokes, and A-arms from three different sources. These were all ready made parts. Part IV here will be about determining the best placement for new...
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    CAV - Getting the Horsepower to the Ground - Part III

    “Never sleep with anyone crazier than yourself”. It is one of those bits of wisdom that is meant to make you pause and consider the consequences. But at the same time it is kind of a compliment because you can imagine it’s the sort of thing Keith Richards would say to Mick Jagger (or vise...
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    CAV-Getting the Horsepower to the Ground - Part II

    The optimist says the glass is half full. The pessimist says the glass is half empty. The engineer says the glass is twice as big as required. The GT40 owner just wants to know if the glass is the same size as the one A.J. Foyt handed to Dan Gurney at 2:47AM during a driver change at the 1967...
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    CAV-Getting the Horsepower to the Ground

    The number of new GT40 replica manufacturers is increasing and as a result all of the manufacturers seem to be making big improvements in their designs and quality to keep pace. (Good for everyone) Our cars are already way out there on the 99 percentile but every day GT40s seem to get bigger...
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    Very Basic Rules Of Thumb Regarding GT40 Rear Suspension

    Hello Mr. & Mrs. GT40 and All the Ships at Sea, I know there is a lot of “technical muscle” resident in the members of the Forum and I need a little help. I would like to understand more about how the GT40 rear suspension is supposed to work. Is anything here wrong, dangerous, or just stupid...
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    Air/Fuel Gauge Recommendations

    I need a bit of advice from those of you who have been around the block a couple of times. I am in the middle of finishing off the rear end of my car. An odd angle header tube and the muffler are being replaced. The carburetor is also being re-jetted. I want to install a wide band air/fuel...
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    Fuel Cell Plumbing & Vents

    Hello to all GT40 forum members. This is my first post. I am relatively new to the GT40 community but I have read most all of the discussions on the forum during the past year. I am just about to finish CAV #69 in Phoenix. The car is guardsman blue with silver stripes and has a Roush 342...