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    Custom Headers

    Who makes the best custom headers and megaphones. Thank you, Rob
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    Barrett-Jackson SPF gt-40 I almost bought this car years ago, looks like a great car
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    Looking for Blocks???

    If you are looking for a 351 windsor or a 427 Shelby engine company has stock on the shelf. My block from Ford performance kept getting pushed back, first November, then December, then July. So I called Shelby and I was surprised to learn they have stock.
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    Its official MK I GT40P 2426

    It's been a long wait but its over. MK I GT 40 Tribute package
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    superformance GT40 in St. Louis

    Are there any owners in St. Louis. I am going to be in the St Louis area this coming weekend for my son's soccer game, and was wanting to put my eyes on a car. I am looking to order a gt 40, but I am tall and would like to see if I can fit in the car. Thank you, Rob Klein 317-809-1940
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    Looking for a GT 40

    Years ago I had a deposit on a ERA GT 40, but got a wild hair and decided to buy a F-360. Now I am back to the GT cars and called Peter, but was dissapointed to learn no more cars were available. I am not sure the GEL cars, although they are amazing, are going to be in my budget. I would...
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    Attention ERA owners

    I would love some help. If there is a ERA owner out there that has built thier owne car, I would love to talk with them. Also I would like to see pictures of the ERA at delivery. I just would like to get a feel for how much work they do. Thank you Rob