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    I have written a book !

    Need a bit of help please My book is launched April 24 in the UK I would like to publicise it on this Forum but I am not sure of the form so I don't upset anyone It is a charity project 118 pages/35,000 words/masses of photos Many stories of life 1972-75 with 1005. I await advice ...
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    Ronnie Spain..THE book

    A welcome visitor for lunch in the Essex countryside today ! Ronnie with his 'nearly' completed GT40 book manuscript in his hand Nearly 30 years since the first edition I believe 'work in progress' has changed to 'nearly there '....! The detail & photos in the new book look...
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    New member....ex-GT40 owner

    Just found this site.I owned P1005 from 1972 through 1975. Will try to be active on here.I have webspace with lots of photos on.If this is of interest will try to post when time allows. On Thursday I am inspecting P1065.Will report.