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    What size aero cap fits in the fancy casting?

    Hi all. Fuel filler caps and necks come in at least 3 sizes that I have found but I won’t be getting the cool looking casting till after the IVA (which is about to be applied for!). So the ask is, could somebody with a set of those casting measure the inside diameter for me please? Ant
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    Stratos rear light cluster, need bulb holders

    as the title really, i have a pair of lens but i don't have bulb holders. Has anybody got a idea of replacements? look to be 30mm diameter with 2 lugs, the classic twist to fit. i will look around the scrap yard when the weather dries out a little but i was wondering if anybody had a...
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    Lock / Unlock from the inside

    So i have used a locking mechanism from a mini for my doors and fabricated interior door release handles but what have people done about interior locking? the simplest would be a push/pull knob mounted new the interior handle. Not sure this would look right and it would also be hard to...
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    UK MOT brake requirement. Are reusable fittings acceptable?

    Actually asking for a friend, honestly!!!! For flexible bake lines. I think swaged only, they think reuasble Areoquip style are allowed.
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    Changes to UK MOT April 2012

    A friend of mine with a Ford Capri found a thread on Capri Power forum about new MOT regulations coming into effect April 2012. Before I go any further I have not researched this at all yet so I may just be passing on an unfounded rumor although here is link to the AA site MOT changes from...
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    Merry Christmas to the Paddock.

    I don't normally do Christmas stuff, but it is the 1st of Decemeber today and this should hit the spot with most in the Paddock La Senza presents The Cup Size Choir At the end, compose your tunes and record them. But no representation of "flat" notes, thank heavens Enjoy
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    That will buff out...

    Found on the homepage of
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    Cool Paint Job.

    Found this on (worth looking at in its own right, if you have spare time, but it can be addictive)
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    Weather question for David M

    Firstly happy birthday Secondly, as yesterday was St Swithun's day (15th July) and here in Berkshire it rained (as you would know if you are at home). So the question is, are we in for 40 days of rain, as the superstition/legend goes? A little background info for the non anglo-saxons...
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    Need a little help from you chaps

    It seems i may have to part company with my part built car. Moderators, sorry if this is in the wrong place but i wanted a feel for the market not commit to a sale yet. I have no idea what its worth and I was hoping someone on here would have a better idea. Hopefully its not much as i...
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    Sundays racing lineup, Monaco GP, Indy 500 and Coca cola 600

    And all watchable in the UK!!! Recently watch a series on Discovery Channel (I think) about NASCAR, which re-kindled my needing to understand Oval racing, caution flag etc and this Sunday i can indulge in the Monaco GP in the afternoon (BBC) then Sky Sports 3 at 18.30 for Indy 500 and then...
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    AC condensor position

    i know the majority get mounted in front of radiator, but is there any reason why it can't or shouldn't be mounted in the engine bay and use one of the side air scoops. size is about the only draw back i think....thought it save on pipe lengths
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    Voltmeter or Ammeter, which is more useful?

    Assuming that my understanding of the function of both of these gauges is correct... Ammeter will show current usage, i.e. with A/C and headlights on, current draw will increase resulting in a higher drain on the alternator and resulting in engine out put shifting from turning the wheels to...
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    Vehicle Wiring Basics

    I am getting close to sorting the electrics and i am starting this thread to double check my thoughts and improve my understanding of this subject. Firstly some details on some of my proposed electrical choices to help those that wish to comment understand where I am coming from. The car...
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    Any ideas for a trip to Orlando....

    and no theme parks. I have to be there for a week starting 21st for a conference. Are there any good parts shops or stuff car related worth seeing whilst i am there. I could do with sourcing a vintage air a/c unit whilst i am states side so i can bring it back to the UK in my luggage. any...
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    Heart Attack Selfhelp Guide

    Posted on behalf of Dave Morton. This is what to do if you are alone when struck by a heart attack. Regards Anthony
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    Webcam at the Nurburgring

    For those who have a spare PC screen... Ben Lovejoy It's trained on to the start gate of teh ring, so you can see the fancy and not so fancy cars queuing to have some fun. the page updates every minute on its own, better than a screen saver maybe ANT
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    UK Rubber Source

    Thought I would start looking for tyres as i'd like to start body fitting soon. I will need rubber to fit 15" wheels, 8" front, 10" rears. Thanks in advance
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    Ford v8 302 almost complete

    As the thread title says really, all in pieces and ripe for a rebuild. i was going to keep it as a spare but i could do with the space. I am based in Crowthorne, Berkshire. I thought i would do the decent thing and offer it here before i dump it on EBAY. The Block pair of heads Valve...
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    SVA and collapsable boss

    Dead easy question, do i need one? someone out there must know regards Ant