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    48 IDA leaking on Idle/shutdown

    Remembering the hairy moments in the pits with fuel and 48iIDA’s when involved in racing P1001 back in the 60s, I had concerns about the risk of fire with the same Weber’s on my GTD. It was also irritating to stop to refuel after a fast run and have to sit for 20 minutes or so before the car...
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    GT40 on fire or how to prevent

    Absolutely right Frank. Your system is brilliant, not only adds to safety but solved the problem of starting when hot. No more sitting around in filling stations waiting for all to cool.
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    GT40 on fire or how to prevent

    Much happier since Frank fitted this to my car. Also solved the problem of having to wait for the engine bay to cool before restarting. I use 97/99 octane fuel which is recommended as E5, painful on the wallet at U.K. prices but well worth it! Renewing fuel lines? Definite food for thought...
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    Show us your GT40!

    GTD. Built 1989 by Brian Pepper, GTD Distributor, for first owner Alan Barlow (804AJB). Full rebuild, re-engineered and developed by Frank Catt, Wealden Engineering Development with second owner Andrew Fordyce in late 90s for competition, track and fast-road use. Successful seven year hill climb...
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    The club ?

    Not membership secretary Frank, I have added advertising to the editorship role. We will need a new membership secretary otherwise the mailing list for the magazine will not be updated which will lead to some unhappy members.
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    Spa Classic 18-20 may

    Would really like to see photos of GT40s at the weekend. If you take any please let me know
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    New GTD40 owner

    Good to know i’m not the only old f..t (77 last week) with a GT40. Acquired my GTD a few months ago (804AJB) re-engineered around ‘99 as a racer by The Master - Frank Catt - little used over the past few years so sent down to Frank (I live in East Yorkshire) for recommissioning and alterations...
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    I was a close friend of Bernard White and involved with his teamÂ’s antics with 1001 and its Ferrari 250LM and BRM 261/5. Jenkins referred to Innes Ireland towing 1001 on a Don Parker trailer with BernardÂ’s DB6 back from Zeltweg. We had a memorable dinner in Judenburg the evening before the...