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    Distributor that works with TWM/Borla 8-stack

    Hi guys, I am in need for advice to find a distributor that fits under the fuel rails of the TWM/Borla 8-stack system. I ordered a MSD 8479 with the belief that it would fit but it did not. I do not want do any more mistakes again so send the question to you guys as I know that some of you...
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    Porsche 996 AWD conversion to RWD

    Hi guys, An opportunity came up where a 996 AWD gearbox is for sale for a decent price. However this is a AWD gearbox. My question is if it is easy to convert this one to RWD without major rebuild? I have not seen it yet live and taken any measurements. I am afrait it might also be too long...
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    BEC starter ring Audi 01e

    Hi guys, I have purchased a Audi 01e transaxle with a adapter-plate from BEC. However I am missing the flywheel and is considering to manufacture a new locally here. Does anyone know what starter ring ( donator ) BEC are using? Regards Henrik
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    GT40 in Swedish Television

    Hi guys, I just want to share a clip from the Swedish TV show named "Biltokig" which might be "crazy about cars" in english. If you fastforward to 3.20 there is about 5 minutes about my car. There is also a fantastic report from a place in France later in the show that shows a place where...
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    Essex Wire colour codes

    Hi guys, If anyone knows the colour codes of the Essex Wire car that would be very appreciated! Best regards Henrik
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    Painless wiring

    Hi guys, I just want to share my experience of the support given by Painless performance. The situation is that I have purchased a 12 circuit harness that needs some adaptation to fit into my GT40 replica. To my surprise there was no wiring scheme included in the manual. So the natural thing...
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    GT40 Sweden

    Hi all, I am building the GOX replica from Göran in Strömstad in Sweden. In the attached link you can follow the progress in my project. I hope it will give some ideas to other builders. Br Henrik
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    Tornado Coilovers

    Hi, This is my second attempt in this matter. I am about to order dampers and springs. Since I do not get any specs from Tornado I need to find it here...I guess. I must be sure it is from a Tornado since angles and lenght may vary between different marques. So if somebody who have a Tornado...
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    Overall maximum length of engine+gearbox

    Hi, I am a little bit worried about the overall lenght of the engine + gearbox. Right now I have total lenght of 150 cm. I havent got my chassie yet - it will arrive in May and I want the drive train to be ready to lift in BUT I do not want any trouble with bulkhead or the rear part of the...
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    15 or 16 inch wheels

    Hi guys, I would like to have your advice concerning the choice of 15 or 16 inch wheels. I would like to have 15 but I have heard that you may find a problem to fit better brakes than the usually standard Granada brakes. I guess it also depends how the rim is fabricated. I have looked at...
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    Thickness of material in tubes

    Hi, I just wonder if anyone knows what thickness of material GTD used in their tubing. Thanks Henrik
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    Monocoque available in Sweden

    Hi all, Have followed the replica market for 15 years - and guess how surprised i got when I found this company in my own backyard!!! I have visited them and they make the "real thing". Chassie is exact copy of the original made in 3D CAD with all panels...
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    Hydrualic Throttle Control

    Hi, I am looking for a hydraulic throttle control unit. Instead of using a long cable with a lot of turns and twisting, hydraulic control seems smarter. A have heard that Summit use to have these ones many years ago but now I cannot find it anywhere. Somebody that have a clue?
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    Renult 30 to Ford 5.0

    I really would need some help to list what parts to use. I have looked for this on the forum but just couldn´t find the details. I will use a 5.0 Ford from 1987 and a Renault 30 transaxle and a adaptor plate. I wonder therefore what different parts to use for following: Modified flywheel -...