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    RCR/Superlite Factory Visit

    Don't forget about the little mini cooper there, behind the moab. I wonder what Fran is putting in that?
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    Avons - Photos for Mike MHNCO

    Just looks like a 200 year old house,and a road with a slight down grade. Could have been dirt not to long ago. Cheers Brian
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    With the fit and finish better than the slc, how come nobody put the time into that with the regular gt40 bodies? So they can pop out of the mold looking great, even a wide body rear without the extra flair work. Brian
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    Legal matter on Ron Earp

    I don't understand this guy. What's wrong with doing hair and designing great cars for people to enjoy and drive. Just go out and buy a gt40 and have fun. Stop wasting everyones time with this, and get back to building great cars.
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    Porsche 908/910 project

    Wow, i had know idea Michel that you had that much time in this. Great build, like many i wish it could happen. That would be a great pace car to use in the tour de france when the group hit the mountain. Have fun driving.:thumbsup:
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    Porsche 908/910 project

    I was also woundering if RCR ever built one of these? It looks like an easier build than a GT40. Any pictures next to a gt40? Thanks brian
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    Porsche 908/910 project

    Thanks for the reply, it should be real quick and corner great. Brian ps more pic's please.
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    Porsche 908/910 project

    Very nice build, but who makes the kit for this in the US? When you line them up together with the GT3, who wins? Again awesome looking car and build. What size wheels does it run, 15" or 16". Thanks Brian
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    Buying a GTD

    Go to stance works .com to look at two nice examples of GTD cars. I don't know how to import the pictures, but they are nice. Good luck Brian
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    SouthernGT Number 18

    Hi paul, question about the foot well on #126 the 6th picture. The seat to pedal position looks like your leg would hit the alloy panel when you press the gas pedal. Is that the correct way to look at it. Nice work for sure though. Brian
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    Hello from Austin, Tx

    The tires on picture #7 say avs, which i thought are yokohama AVS brand. Just a thought, anyway really nice car. Still hope to get one some day. Brian
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    F 5000, well sort of

    looks cool, how come the rear wheel wobbles?
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    slc with ls 376 and grazziano

    With so many people using transaxels these days to build their cars, why can't someone stock the nessasary parts to keep up with demand. Aren't there good machinist out there that can make the parts on demand. Just a thought, it sad to here someone has to wait 11 mounths until they can drive...
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    F 5000, well sort of

    Don't know if you guys follow cycling but your old mate, retired cyclist Robby mcwen just won a race in noosa. He sure would of liked that fine race car instead. Build some more. Brian
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    A little side note for the cycling fan, tour of col. started today with peter sagan winning again. Enjoy the car, looks like fun.
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    Bentley Speed 8 replica

    looks really nice, i wonder what could happen if RCR tried there hand in it. nice possibility out there. I'd like to see more in Bently green.
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    This does not work for me..

    I would put money on mel gibson, in mad max. The right color for that movie. Brings back memories of superchargers and nos.
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    917 Scratch Build

    Hi mic, what type of car was that in carbon fiber? It looks great. thanks brian
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    All about the RCR LMP1...

    Anybody here of a BMW V12 LMR, they look pretty cool. Any interest in producing that one Fran?
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    All about the RCR LMP1...

    How come fran's car has cromo bars on the side, when this one does not.