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    Another Superformance GT40

    Lee, unfortunately no. I got a tracking number with estimated and actual departure and arrival days. Last actual action was departure from the Bahamas on November 12th.
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    Another Superformance GT40

    Still waiting for the arrival of P2442. It left Port Elizabeth on September 24th, with an estimated ETA to the Port of Long Beach on October 17th. That sounded too good to be true, and it was. ETA was then pushed back to November 24th, over one month delay. Then in a matter of 24 hours the...
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    Another Superformance GT40

    Was informed today that my car left So. Africa last Saturday and is now on it’s way to the Port of Los Angeles.
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    GT40 P/1061 detail photos

    The canards on P/1061 appear different to those I’ve seen anywhere else. Does anyone know how many different styles were used on the original series cars?
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    Superformance MKI Sold on BAT

    Both shops I contacted recommended Roush engines, so I called them numerous times, six to be exact, and left voice mails on most occasions. I didn’t even have the courtesy of a return phone call. I then called Prestige Motorsports, within two or three minutes I was talking with Doug, had a...
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    Completely UNRELATED to cars...but...

    I have seen that video a few times and agree. Great dancers, and her body moves like a GT40 through traffic.
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    Another Superformance GT40

    It’s Alive. Received a video of the dyno run from Prestige Motorsports a couple of days ago. Peak horsepower was 571 and torque was 549.
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    Another Superformance GT40

    Yes, Dave, I live 30 minutes from GNP, but in the GT40, I can probably cut that down to about 20 minutes. Plenty of open roads to stretch the car’s legs. There is a vendor here who can apply the PPF to whatever portion of the car I want, however, I have heard their reputation is not to good...
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    Another Superformance GT40

    Hi Julian, Your right, the last month has been the hardest because I received pictures when it came out of the paint shop awaiting final assembly. Kept checking my email 20 times a day awaiting completion. Superformance offers two variants. The first one is the “standard wide body”, it will...
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    Another Superformance GT40

    Thank you Dave. Although I haven’t yet received my motor, I agree with you on Prestige Motorsports. Prior to placing an order with them I had contacted a well known engine supplier, recommended by the two shops I was considering to do the finishing of my car, after six phone calls to without...
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    Another Superformance GT40

    I was notified this week that my MK I GT40P 2442 is complete, and now awaits crating and loading on a freighter. It is a standard wide body, LHD, rear spoiler, full leather interior, stainless exhaust, done in the Gulf livery. The only thing that may be “unusual is that I did have them include...
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    Saw post on another website where they announced that they had closed their doors effective immediately.
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    Electrical issue SPF GT40

    Pardon my ignorance, but who, or what is Blas? Since SPFs are “finished” by a number of companies/individuals, am I correct in assuming that the wiring can have some variations?
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    Electrical issue SPF GT40

    Had a similar type of problem with a car of mine, a C7 Corvette, took it to a dealer and had the battery checked. I was told that the battery checked out fine. Next week the same problem. Took it back to the dealer and insisted they check it again. Lo and behold they discovered that it had...
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    Superformance MKI Sale on BAT

    I was recently told that all build slots for 2023 have been filled, and all future orders will have build dates in 2024.
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    Its official MK I GT40P 2426

    Maybe you’ll have a finished car to enjoy on Father’s Day. Hopefully mine doesn’t take as long to get here.
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    Quaife Transmissions

    Mark, yours arrived in early March, but when was it ordered? When I placed the order for my Superformance MK1 in early November of last year, I visited the shop that I intend to have finish my car. He informed me that he had an order already placed, along with the deposit, for six. I checked...
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    Southern California SPF GT40 shop?

    Hillbank uses V’s Performance in Orange, California. They recommend them to do all their buildouts. 714-282-99 zero zero
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    Trip to Circuit De Le Sarthe, Lemans France

    Am I mistaken, but the first picture labeled as a MK2 is actually a MK1?