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    Pictures and Thread Digression from SPF Forum Area

    WARRANTY? "YOU" are the warranty after delivery. As a "turn-key" RCR recipient (they don't do them-supposedly), Lola one-off has been in and out of shop for "things needed" and "things needed fixin"...You are on your own.
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    Clickish GT40 Groups

    Re: How to do to unsubscribe? INTERESTING: I find it interesting in a week with discussions of "Mosques" and political jokes that some of us "get trashed" for posting anything..There is a DEFINATE INNER-CLICK here on this site..Thats just the way it is.....
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    Lola One Off

    Re: Hi, any body hit 200mph on the track,? LOLA (very fast): I would swear this "beauty" nears 200-MPH but was delivered with bad speedo-unit. I have hair that will NOT lay down anymore and bugs on my teeth. That's REAL FAST....