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    Bryan's RCR40

    Thanks! Did you have a fuel return line installed or did your system not require it?
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    Bryan's RCR40

    Hey there, what did you end up using the fitting closest to the fuel inlet side for?
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    Fuel Pumps

    Hey Fran, GLS293 for LP and 044 for HP still the "go to" after a decade since you posted this?
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    Fuel tank and pump setup with return style regulator.

    Hey Ian, do you have a diagram for this showing where the Pollack is? I like the idea of only 2 pumps. Would the pump be something like a FAC-40290 to be able to suck that well?
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    Sean's RCR GT40 build

    Sorry, my question was worded wrong. I was wondering if the ball that attaches to the strut was standard so I can mount it. I ordered a generic set of ball mounts off Amazon...and they seem to work perfectly!
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    Sean's RCR GT40 build

    Are the gas strut mounts standard?
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    G96 mods For RCR40

    Hey there! Does anyone have a resource on the best way of going about getting the G96 ready for the 40? Power will be a mild 427 Windsor. I've heard 1. Change ring and pinion to 3.0 for better highway RPMs? 2. Change out 2nd gear due to possible popping? 3. Switch the breather and drain...
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    Vinny P's RCR GT40

    Awesome! Are you getting them to do the accessory drive or doing that yourself?
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    Sean's RCR GT40 build

    Great build Sean! Happen to stumble over any more Ford Racing aluminum 351s? Im looking for one for a similar 427!
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    Widebody RCR40

    Adam, that firewall is gorgeous! I was juts talking to the engine builder today about the lack of room. The bulge would help! How does one get a mold of that???
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    Vinny P's RCR GT40

    Hey Vin! Whats the details on the engine? Block, heads, etc
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    Bill's CAV #193 Build - Canadian Made

    Hey Bill, great build! I'm in Ontario... Looking for a a MFG. Trevor