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    Happy Easter Everyone

    I want to wish a Happy Easter to everyone. As we sit at home may we all be safe and blessed on this Easter Sunday.
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    How much leather is required to do an interior

    Waiting for my SL-C to be complete and the leather I plan to use for my interior is on sale. Can anyone tell me approximately how many square feet is required to cover the 1) seats (leaving the back uncovered), 2) upper door panels (lower portion will be carbon fiber), 3) dash, 4) a-pillar...
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    Kurt H (hoffkm) SL-C build thread

    While in the final stages of waiting for my kit to be complete I thought I would start my build thread to occupy my time. My name is Kurt Hoffman and I reside with my wife Michelle in Wauseon, Ohio. I am a mechanical engineer by trade. My desire to become a mechanical engineer started at a...
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    Joining the Family

    After much research, meeting Fran and touring Race Car Replica's last November, purchasing an engine and trans, followed by more research & consideration I pulled the trigger today and made an appointment for next week to order my SL-C. Delivery timing should work out perfect with the...