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  1. Oneofakind

    Sports Car Digest Goodwood GT40 Photo Album

    For your viewing pleasure: Goodwood Members Meeting 2016 - Ford GT40 Race Photos
  2. Oneofakind

    Chassis Failure

    I was running my RCR Lola at a track day at the Circuit of the Americas on July the 5th. Under braking up the front straight entering turn one, the right rear control arm mount tore out of the chassis causing a severe toe-out on that wheel sending the car into a slide. I brought it to a safe...
  3. Oneofakind

    The GT40 Story used very effectively as an advertisment

    This was created by a company that claims to specialize in "accelerating"'s very well done.
  4. Oneofakind

    COTA Track Days in September

    I just signed up for this event again. I did two days in late June...amazing track! Given the time of year, it will fill very fast. They will most likely extend for the 2nd day. Glenn Edge Addicts Is Back At COTA September 27-28 GOOD NEWS TRAVELS FAST! I'm sure most of you...
  5. Oneofakind

    Video: 1st half of the F1 Season

    This was done by a fan. Very nice Job.
  6. Oneofakind

    Steve McQueen's "LeMans" 917k may fetch $20M

    This will be another interesting one to watch when it hits the auction block. Porsche 917K used by McQueen in film could top $20 million at auction*-*Los Angeles Times
  7. Oneofakind

    Jim Clark's Lotus crashed at Monaco

    Unfortunate and avoidable from the details in the story. All the more reason to check spinners and wheel nuts twice before heading out. NOOOOO! Jim Clark's Lotus 49 Crashed At Monaco Historic Grand Prix
  8. Oneofakind

    Vintage Austin Healey F Prod at COTA

    This was a really fun day. Took my "new" Vintage F Production Sprite to a track day at COTA and buzzed around a few Porsches. They pulled me on the long straights but this little go-kart handles like an absolute dream. My data logger was consistently reading 1.15-1.25 Gs in the corners on 5"...
  9. Oneofakind

    Track Day at COTA

    These shots are from last weekend at COTA. Obviously, my Webers are running a little rich, looking at the flames coming out the exhaust.
  10. Oneofakind

    Vintage Firestone Gold Line Tires Mounted

    After a very long wait, I finally acquired a complete set of the Firestone Gold Line Indy tires that Coker Tire is making in very limited quantities. Coker acquired the original specs and drawings from Firestone and is constructing them with modern materials...they are also "tubed". They...
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    New F1 Documentary coming Oct. 1

    The film is titled "1". The trailer is on this Facebook Page.
  12. Oneofakind

    New SPF GT40 Video from Electric Federal

    A new video landed with great footage of the SPF GT40s. Well done, Lance and team! Superformance GT40: A Ford Legend, Evolved - YouTube
  13. Oneofakind

    New Open Megaphones

    I followed Mike from Nederland's (MHNCO) lead and ditched the over-silenced mufflers provided by Superformance from the factory. The engine is 427FE big block, now with 3" tapering to 4" megaphones. I added a set of Dynatech Vortex insert cones in a futile attempt to be socially responsible...
  14. Oneofakind

    P2270 Official Weight Certificate

    Just registered P2270 in the State of Texas. They required a certified weight certificate to be presented with all the other documentation. She weighed in at 2,560 lbs. Certificate attached. MKIIA body with luggage bins 427 FE all aluminum big block - Single Holley 4 BBL Wet Sump Dual Oil...
  15. Oneofakind

    New Engine/Intake for the Lola

    The new GM Performance ZZ383 long block I installed ripped a set of rings in the first 500 miles. GM has a 2 year warranty on their crate engines and made good, shipping me a new engine and paying for 20 hrs of labor support for the reinstall. I decided to upgrade the cam, heads and intake...
  16. Oneofakind

    Coker Tire Firestone Gold Stripes

    Anyone have impressions/experience with the Firestone Gold Stripes offered by Coker Tire? I just finished reading the Motor Trend Classics Winter 2012 edition article on the restoration of #P1032, which referenced that these tires were used as period correct replacements. I am...
  17. Oneofakind

    Fabulous F1 Austin seat for sale

    One of my sons cannot make the race. I have one seat open in the Mezzanine Section of the Main Grandstand at the closest end of the start/finish line (see attached diagram) Section 216B Row 1. These are high back padded seats, with extra legroom in the front row of the one sitting...
  18. Oneofakind

    P2270 Almost Finished

    My McLaren/Amon #2 replica, P2270 is near completion. They fired up the engine today and all systems are go. A few final details to complete and it'll be on the way home soon. Better pictures to come once it gets here.
  19. Oneofakind

    Rooms available in Monterey

    I was just contacted by Peter and Gayle Brock (yes, of the Cobra Daytona fame) who have rented an entire motel in Monterey for the Cobra Daytona owners to gather. They have had several cancellations (including me, unfortunately) and have 4 or 5 rooms available until Monday morning. First...
  20. Oneofakind

    Custom shift knobs

    I like adding small touches to cars I own and found a great source for custom engraved shift knobs. I picked the style, finish and thread pattern, then sent them PDF image of the design I wanted engraved on the top. I chose the Lola logo, but they can do various shift patterns, model...