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    Another trip done and dusted.

    Spent the weekend tootling around with a bunch of other motor-heads. Covered a little over 1200 km (750 miles) on some great driving roads.
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    First big run for 2022

    A quick spin down to Teretonga (215km south of me) today to participate in one of the two Motorsport NZ sanctioned events I need to do each year to keep the car’s Authority Card current. It was the first major trip outside the Dunedin City limits since the clutch release lever repair and new...
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    GT40 Gold Parts

    Anyone had contact with Andrew Booth at GT40 Goldparts recently? I've sent two messages via his website and two to [email protected] over the past couple of weeks and had no response. Anyone have a phone number for him?
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    Clutch release lever

    Hi All, Most will have seen my post regarding my breakage of the clutch release shaft on my 40 a few weeks back I have obtained a replacement shaft, but am still looking for a clutch release lever. For my application it must be one like either of the two in the pictures below. Thanks to...
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    Clutch release lever

    Hi All, I'm after a clutch release lever for a DS25-0 or DS25-1, as in the attached picture. Anyone have one? Thanks in advance.
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    Avid 2000 Road Trip

    Hard to believe it's a year since the last Avid road trip, but we embark on the Avid 2000 this morning. Fingers crossed the car behaves we'll and the weather gods are kind.
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    Autumn Colours Outing

    Made the most of the balmy autumn weather to hit the roads with about 50 other like minded motorists. 430 miles over two days covering some brilliant driving roads.
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    A conversion

    Met up with the New Zealand Cobra Club at Teretonga race circuit last weekend as they were mid-way through a tour of the South Island. Took one of their party for a spin on the parade laps. She apparently has petrol in her veins and has always wanted a Cobra when she gets older. However, I...
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    Road trip

    A few little jobs over the past three weeks to get everything on the car up to scratch… i.e. install longer rear springs so that I could bring the rear ride height up a tad to cope with roads that may not be billiard table smooth, change out the plug leads for better quality ones to eliminate...
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    Speedo calibration

    Now that the car is running I need to calibrate the speedo to get it road legal. I have a Smiths (Caerbont) electronic speedo and instructions to calibrate. I am using a sender that screws into the speedo drive on the ZF. i.e. tongue of speedo drive slots into groove in sender which, I guess...
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    Alignment etc

    Does anyone have to hand the original factory settings for the road cars ( toe-in, castor, camber). We have the JWA specs but would like to know the factory settings. Thanks.
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    Superformance Halibrand style wheels

    My current wheels will likely not fit under my MKII rear bodywork. Does anyone have a set of 8" and 10" GT40 MKII Halibrand style wheels from Superformance they could run a rule over so I can see if they would make a suitable alternative? The measurements I am after are labelled A - N on the...
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    NOS voltage regulator

    NOS original voltage regulator. As used on early cars. USD$500 OBO.
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    Knock off spinners

    Hi All. Anyone know of a source for knock off spinners. Preferably original Halibrand and would be ideal if they were blank so we could machine them to suit my spindles/ wheels. Thanks.
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    Fire extinguisher systems

    Getting to the stage where I need to think about installing one. What have other people with a mono done? Was thinking about perhaps a 4 litre bottle with maybe two nozzles in the engine bay and a separate small extinguisher in the cabin. Electronic or mechanical release? Either would...
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    A bit of art

    It's taken me a while, but I have finally done a painting of a GT40. This is "1016 at Dusk".
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    Safir GT40 Spares

    Anyone been in touch with them lately? I made an enquiry via their website, but have heard nothing back. Is there an email address other than the "customer.service" one I should try? Thanks. Brian.
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    Roundel lights

    I'm at the stage where I am thinking about how many and where I should put these. The ones to illuminate the roundels make sense, and I see original cars with one or sometimes two to do this. However, does anyone have any idea why additional lights are situated further back on the side of the...
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    Greg Lake now...

    2016 has been hard on the music industry. One of the purest voices in the rock business.