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  1. otto69

    Ford GT and more in the garage

    Wow, love your garage. Now you just need a bubble arched Mk1 Escort to complete it Clayton
  2. otto69

    Rf 117

    Been awhile since the last update, anyone know if Iain is still racing the work of art ? Clayton
  3. otto69

    Ultimate GT40 4 volume book series

    Looks like we’ll be blessed with another GT40 book soon, which will be part of a 4 volume series… Birthday and Christmas presents are now sorted. Info is from Porter Press newsletter #59 “Closer to the front of the grid is the first of the four Ultimate GT40 volumes. Our incredible team of...
  4. otto69

    Roaring Forties 66

    Cheers Liam Glad it was of some help. Do you have a build page on FB, if so I’ve been following your progress. Clayton
  5. otto69

    Australia, Land of the Giants

    From memory, which is dangerous. The TransStar had a high 200 / low 300 HP CUMMINS and the SAR had a 350HP CUMMINS. I remember helping (read getting in the way) with a top end engine rebuild and the turbo was nearly bigger than me… Loved those days doing trips out bush with him on school...
  6. otto69

    Roaring Forties 66

    Thanks Randy Yeah my goal is to use it at least once a week, most times we make it. Be it a quick trip to the pub for a pint or on a club run. Have clocked over 20000kms so far and still loving it. Apart from the one drive-in a year our club hosts, can’t say I’ve seen any others around here. A...
  7. otto69

    Australia, Land of the Giants

    Hi Leon The old man use to cart cattle in the topend of the N.T back in the late 70’s and 80’s. Majority of it was on dirt roads out bush. He added a 200mm thick concrete floor in the body crate to gain traction while empty going up dirt ‘Jump-ups’. Not a giant, but big enough for bush tracks...
  8. otto69

    Roaring Forties 66

    Been a while, but last weekend was the movie night and this year was ‘Ford versus Ferrari’ and ‘Rush’ They asked for the 40 to be parked under the screen, but they couldn’t locate an early Ferrari to complement it. Time to load the 40 with chairs, esky’s, snacks and blankets….. All fitted albeit...
  9. otto69 2022 Fund Drive

    Subscribed for another year. Thanks to Ron and the Mods that keep this great forum running Clayton
  10. otto69

    Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

    Yep, multiple votes allowed my end :cool:
  11. otto69 2022 Fund Drive

    Perfect, thanks Brian Looks like I’m due at the end of the month. Clayton
  12. otto69 2022 Fund Drive

    Thank you Ron for maintaining such a great forum. Where do I find the date my subscription runs out ? Clayton
  13. otto69

    M6B Tragic

    Your wish is my command….. Edited a few videos from last Friday. Look Mum, no leads A few blips, the sound doesn’t do it justice Start up from above link Clayton
  14. otto69

    Classic Car Developments Chassis #3

    Done Clayton
  15. otto69

    Chassis drawings book in the works...

    200 copies sold already, price rise to 350 quid now.
  16. otto69

    Front Brakes, ERA GT40

    Do the Corvette series have all the same length lugs ? Appears they are sitting way too far outwards, pads not covering the disc and too much clearance under the bridge. Clayton
  17. otto69

    Chassis drawings book in the works...

    Pre-orders are now available from the website. As Ryan has mentioned above, price increases to 350 than 500 for the remaining books. Clayton <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media...
  18. otto69

    Chassis drawings book in the works...

    Hi Mark You will need to register your interest with Louise at Porter Press, she will then sent a link to pre-order. Email address is below. Clayton
  19. otto69

    Chassis drawings book in the works...

    Book ordered. Wonder how long it takes to sell 365 copies… Clayton
  20. otto69

    Bryan's RCR40