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  1. Jkviper

    917 parts resources?

    Congrats Lawrence!
  2. Jkviper

    S2's Build Thread

    As usual Scott. Really nice work. Sort of curious. The brackets and/or rod ends provided in my kit must be different than what you have. I don’t have misalignment spacers for the rear cage bars. Just have one flat washer. Attached is a pic…
  3. Jkviper

    New SL-C from Atlanta saying hi!!

    Hi Raul, you will need a new flywheel and adapter plate for the Ferrari engine. If you already have a clutch for the Graziano that clutch should mount on the new flywheel.
  4. Jkviper

    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    Thanks Johan, based on this information the tie rod angle will wind up being closer to the top control arm angle than the bottom. Somewhere in between the two. As DaveC recommended, seems a best practice is to run the front suspension through it’s travel and find out how many washers to use...
  5. Jkviper

    Columbus Ohio RCR40

    Congrats on the delivery, now the fun begins!
  6. Jkviper

    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    Just like the cooling tubes, before the fuel tank is installed decided to pressure test it. This would verify there are no leaks in the following components: 1)Weld-in flange and fabrication where the GM factory fuel pump is installed 2)Factory welded tank seams 3)Lower NPT plug fitting 4)Fuel...
  7. Jkviper

    Homemade CFRP mid engine sports car

    Absolutely outstanding work, I am really enjoying your build thread and seeing what is possible using composites.
  8. Jkviper

    Stock headlights diameter?

    Jeff, here is a link to Cam T’s build. He used Hella 60mm and had to do a slight mod because they are longer than than the 90mm. Like Ken, I had Hella 90mm shipped with my kit for both High and low beams.
  9. AC33545B-C8DD-4C0E-B46A-142F5C126A95.jpeg


    I think this is a 2JZ, saving this here for an interested future builder
  10. Jkviper

    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    Good question Rob. I briefly thought about that at the time because Scott has the Penske shocks and they mount shock body end flipped like this… To flip the QA1 shocks a spacer(approx .75”)would need to be inserted at that end. That might be a really good solution since the stock springs...
  11. Jkviper

    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    This post covers pressure testing the cooling tubes. As Benjamin Franklin famously said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”... The majority of the cooling tube welds I did myself and wanted to make sure there were no leaks before they got insulated. The water pressure in my house...
  12. Jkviper

    Restarting my SLC project in West Texas

    Hector, a ton of work and the results are really well executed. The Jag lights look right at home on the SLC.
  13. Jkviper

    LSA SLC Build Log

    Looking really good Bob, your car is one of my favorite builds and appreciate the update.
  14. Jkviper

    LSA SLC Build Log

    Bob, just checking in to see if you’ve made progress on the build.
  15. Jkviper

    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    This post is probably a bit premature since the initial setup and alignment of the suspension was done with some very basic tools back on post #320. Front ride height is set at 4.25”. At some point I’ll either buy a tenhulzen alignment setup or take the chassis to an alignment shop before the...
  16. Jkviper

    Question - Installing the SLC fuel sender

    LOL, that’s what I trying to avoid!
  17. Jkviper

    Question - Installing the SLC fuel sender

    Thanks Scott, I had Centroid re-program it for 0-5v so it works with the AIM PDM. They were really good about it and did it at no charge. I am just curious about mounting it using the cork with no sealant and if that is really the best practice.
  18. Jkviper

    Question - Installing the SLC fuel sender

    Thanks Scott, Centroid documents their fuel senders are good for up to 10% ethanol. So that makes sense it failed with E85. I plan to run 91 or 93 Octane so it may last. I read most high octane fuels there is 10% Ethanol and lower octane is 15%. Not too concerned about servicing the fuel...
  19. Jkviper

    Question - Installing the SLC fuel sender

    Hi, Just wanted to get some real world experience on the best approach to install the stock SLC fuel sender. The manual states to do the following: 1)Make sure the flange is clean and threads are good 2)Do not use any sealant on the cork gasket 3)Torque the screws in a cross pattern to no...
  20. Jkviper

    Joel’s SL-C Build Thread

    This post covers modifying the interior tub. The fuel tank sits behind an aluminum cover and optional fiberglass tub. The tub is really nice and creates a finished look to the interior. As delivered, once the tub is installed there is no access to the fuel tank. At a minimum, many builders...