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    White Americans

    Out of the Pit Dog Fighting in Chicago pitbull documentary) - YouTube These people -- white Americans -- are some depraved sick assholes. I tend to like dogs more than people and this sickens me. I couldn't watch the whole thing. They have two dogs fight each other.
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    Shipping a car for a driving tour

    Considering shipping my 72 Charger to Norway for a driving tour of Norway ending at Power Meet in Vasteras Sweden (huge American car show) in July of 2017. Anyone ever done anything like this? Insurance/registration issues?
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    Terrorist attack in Colorado

    Right wing Christian nutjob went off teh reservation, and gunned down three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, including one police officer. Chalk it up to yet another example of all religions are dangerous.
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    Trump! for President!

    While I think the results are going to scare our friends in the UK and Down Under, I gotta ask -- how many here would actually pull the lever for Trump for President? A simple yes or no will suffice.
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    Aston Martin Differentials

    Trying to gather some information on this. Pistonheads doesn't have much which is surprising. I just acquired an Aston Martin V12 Vantage and the hearsay is the car has a Salisbury limited slip. I've had some grip issues that I believe are tire related but want to confirm -- any Aston folks...
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    UK Homies -- interesting piece I found

    According to the 2013 annual World Economic League Table report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research, the U.K. is on path to becoming the largest Western European economy ahead of Germany by around 2030. It’s conceivable that, by this time, the effects of the current EU debt crisis...
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    I know jack squat about Australian politics, but this guy seems pretty engaging...

    A Pastor Asks A Politician Why He Supports Gay Marriage. It Seems He Wasn't Prepared For His Reply. and the debate/discussion is on a level of both intelligence and politeness about 10x higher than it is here in the US.
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    Rover V8 Development

    For you guys considering the Rover as an alternative to the heavyChevy and Ferd motahs, the boys at The Wedge Shop on this side of the pond have developed their 5.0 Rover V8 motor with Wildcat heads, etc. to just north of 400 hp, and about 285 lbs. Not affiliated with them in any way, other...
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    Indy 500

    Don't know if any of you jacknabbits in Europe managed to catch it but great racing at the World's Most Important Race.....record lead changes, good drafting and a hell of an attempt by Takuma Sato to take the lead in turn 1, last lap from Mr. Ashley Judd. Lotus failed miserably, both cars...
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    Gripper LSD -- Question for our UK Friends

    Have a Gripper LSD in my TR8 race car. Clutch pack and love it. Was thinking about talking to them about a "spare" rebuild kit and their website seems to have disappeared. Any of you UK guys know anything about them? They operated under the name Gripper UK I believe. Active website...
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    Rover V8 History

    Great article on some of the details on how Rover acquired the Buick V8. More detail than I've read before. I love these little engines. 300 lbs, good power and very reliable. Britain's Autocar Weekly Magazine: History of the Buick/Rover aluminium alloy V8
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    I may be headed to Germany in late November early December. Will go to the Ring. Want to drive it in a reasonably fun car. Any thoughts on rental agencies that will allow me to do that?
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    High Performance Track Event, 1980s style

    Redneck, that is. Check out how us Mericans drive FLATOUT. YouTube - North Carolina Motor Speedway 1984 (Rockingham, N.C.)
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    Track Day Championship Video!

    Do you know anyone like this? YouTube - Trackday Comedy
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    Live rear axle tech

    Ok, Ron suggested I post here as it appears there is a whole lot of track car knowledge. This particular area of inquiry revolves around that wonderful suspension design known as the "live rear axle." I've got one on the ITS TR8 I race here with the SCCA in the US. Right now, it has...
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    Haltech E6X for sale -- $550

    This is a fairly new -- used for two race weekends -- Haltech E6X ECU. No flying leads included, just the computer. Retail is I think about $900. I ran this on my TR8 race car, but had trouble getting a reliable distributor signal to the ECU -- Haltech prefers a crank fire/trigger wheel...