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    Article on "Living with a GT40" (#1005)

    Came across this on another forum.
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    Automotive connectors

    What do other people use for the interior connectors (eg between main loom and sub-looms for dash/instruments/switches etc)? I was thinking the TYCO Mate-N-Lok, Available in 20A per pin, 10A per pin and 5A per pin versions. 5A Mini Mate-N-Lok - Up to 15 way - Picture and details from Mini...
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    Ford GT40, Ford GT and Ford GT70

    Drag race between the three. It's a bit poor but mildly interesting all the same and does appear to be a genuine MkIII (P/1107 ?) Ford GT40 vs Ford GT vs Ford GT70 Drag Race - XCAR - YouTube Lets not mention where I found it though who thought it was a MkIV :shocked: XCAR stages epic drag...
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    Gt40 ft

    I thought I knew the basics of the GT40 history, or at least knew the main cars. Just found out about another that I'd never even heard of before, the GT40 FT Looks to be the first replica with a steel space frame! Quite a few interesting...
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    IVA change for VIN plates

    Guys, new IVA Manual out today. One bit that I think may bite a few people is Section 18 Note 12 Previously VIN plates need to be "not easily removable" now any separate plate must be fully seam welded to comply...
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    New site with IVA details / manuals etc Also there are links to the forms and other relevant IVA information on there.
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    Audi 01E service manual

    For those with or planning to use an 01E I came across this manual, its for the Audi S4 so its the awd version rather than the 2wd version but 95% of the stuff should be the same. Audi S4 Documentation/audi B5 Shop Manual/transmission/6sp Transmission 01e - Blog - DJ Sures
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    Cable tidies

    For those in the UK I note lidl are doing some quite handy looking cable tidies for not a lot from the 30th. Ideal for making sure all that behind the dash wiring doesn't look like a rats nest! :) LIDL Great Britain -
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    Lexus 1UZ-FE to Audi 012 / 01E adapter

    Guys, I'm getting a Lexus 1UZ-FE to Audi adapter plate made up as per Doug's plans: 1TG – Design & Build of the One Tonne Guerilla » Toyota 1UZ-FE Engine to Audi 012 Transmission (Porsche G86) Adapter Drawings. Only difference is it would be 6082 T6 rather than 6061 As ever making more than...
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    Pre-cut tubes for scratch built space frames anyone?

    Came across this and thought some here might be interested 3D CAD scratch build service, chassis supplied in flat pack
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    GT40 in disguise

    I think what is best said here is WTF!? Kit Cars : A GT40 in disguise. Still you can hope someone might buy it it and fix it...
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    Heated bulkhead window?

    I've just gone to get some quotes for glass for the bulkhead window and notice that uroglas ( UroGlas - Home ) offer the option of heated glass. Is there any advantage to having the bulkhead glass heated or is it pointless given the lack of rear visibility and heat from the engine?
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    Interior sill edges, trim and IVA

    Its been pointed out that if I make the sill top in one panel and butt it to the inner sill side that it will fail IVA for being too sharp an edge on the corner. Obviously if I carpet the interior that wont be an issue but I'm tending towards having it bare which causes an issue. I don't...
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    Pictures from Goodwood Festival of Speed 2005

    A bit of a while ago but found these on the PC the other day and thought I'd upload them. Just the Ford GT and GT40's are at:
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    GT-Forte GTs40 build

    Well after years and years of wanting a GT40, lots of talk, consideration and ideas I finally decided to make my dreams a reality and took up GT-Forte on their introductory offer. Today I took delivery of the kit and once I've finished sitting in it going "Vrooom" (I may have to attach the...