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    Its official MK I GT40P 2426

    Congrats again, looking forward to hearing when it lands and you get a chance to rip it around
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    Its official MK I GT40P 2426

    Rob, saw your car in person today at the shop. It looks fantastic. I am sure you are excited to get it.
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    Adventure RV

    Super cool, great pictures!
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    Late Intro and Some Fun News….

    wow, that is all kinds of cool. Thank you for sharing
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    Hello My father has a 2006 GT40 that suffered some damage in an accident he has been working on fixing

    Hello! Sorry to hear about the damage, they are really beautiful cars. This forum doesn't really discuss those models in detail, more around the first generation GT40s and a number of other component cars. I believe there is a different Ford GT forum that could be more helpful but I...
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    Thanks Kaz, didn't intend to suggest you were scamming, only one was occurring. Will give you a call
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    Location? Pictures? Reason for the questions is that there has been a ZF scam going around....
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    GT40 P/1061 detail photos

    In addition to the canards, the rear clam wheel arches have are flared. Did other Gulf cars have this same thing? Anyone know how thick this flare was?
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    Its official MK I GT40P 2426

    Congrats on completion!
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    British pound vs USD - wow

    Indeed it is hard to believe, will be interesting to see how this transpires and what happens in the rest of the world
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    Superformance MKI Sold on BAT

    My uneducated opinion.. to someone that is more of a casual fan, the 427 was a plus. If you knew the difference it could have been a neutral if you didn't want to wait for your own build. I forgot to watch the Safir Mark V... no sale at 282K... looks like a lovely car
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    Goodwood 2022 Revival Event - Live Stream

    Thank you, have it up while working today.. what a treat
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    World record rocket bike pass

    wow, that is moving. I can't imagine the feeling of acceleration
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    Ford GT40 Anthology - due 20th October 2021

    Just spent another few hours reading the book and wanted to say thank you again for publishing it. I really enjoyed the stories of the Wisconsin Ken Miles, the Filipinetti 40s, Dead Heat and more. I am finding I need to read some chapters multiple times to extract all the information. This...
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    Source for Transaxle?

    Thank you for asking the question Joe, I am in the same boat. There are a number of threads with ratios and rear gears indicated but as always, interested in recent perspectives. just one of many other threads on this that I have been reading...
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    Bought some machine tools

    I love Blondie Hacks.. I watch her channel every week. I have a new mill and lathe coming tomorrow but it is far smaller than what you have. I look forward to learning machining at the same time you will.
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    Bought some machine tools

    Looks great, PM machines are supposed to be pretty good. I have been hanging out at to learn machining, nice group of people who are willing to share knowledge. Kevin
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    New member with a T70

    What an amazing looking car! Congratulations
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    SCCA Legal GT40

    well done! Where are you running it?
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    GT40 P/1061 detail photos

    Thank you Graham