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    Road trip around LA area

    Hi there All going well, my brother and I will be in and around LA from the 6th of Nov to the 10th of Nov and are looking for Ideas on what to go see. Car stuff is hi on the list along with some air museums. What else could we do. Your suggestions are welcome. Russell PS I would love to have...
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    Well lockdown combined with retirement can only mean one thing....time to build another project. This time it`s an other fun build with very little fibre glass body work, had enough of the scratchies. I managed to buy a rolling chassis Mazda MX5 a little while ago and spent a couple of days...
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    Grounded in self isolation

    Well pretty much that`s what we are faced with here in New Zealand and from what I can see....the rest of the world. So this is going to be the safest place to have a conversation.....bug free. My wife carol is very susceptible to any respiratory virus so has elected to stay put at home for the...
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    Porsche / Audi CV Adaptors

    1 pair of Adaptors to convert smaller 8mm bolt pattern to 10mm , 108.8mm to 101.7mm. These are new items surplus to requirements. I got them from Kaspa so only looking for $50.00 for the pair, plus freight. Items are located in NewZealand. Cheers Russell
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    Porsche Audi CV adaptors 101.85mm to 107.7mm

    For sale surplus to needs are two brand new adapters to adapt from the smaller 8mm bolt pattern to the larger 10mm CV. These are located in NewZealand and could be posted. These have never been used. I got them from Kaspa to fit my Holden Commodor CV`S but they were a different size. 101.8mm to...
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    Making a simple buck or mold.

    Hi, just looking for some ideas for my next project, a Formula Junior based on a Volopini front engined single seater. As I do not plan on building many! of these, I do not want to make production molds but want to be able to make the basic shape and do the finish on the actual body. I would...
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    Formula Junior..Volopini replica

    I have a rule, one project at a time! but there is a clause subsection 1 that I can plan and acquire parts for the next build...SO. The plan is to build a visual replica of an early 60`s Volopini formula Junior....cause I can. They are a really nice looking little car that should be a lot of...
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    posting issues

    Hi there, why do my posts go straight to the forum rather than posted for reading / comments. It does not appear to make any difference as to the time I post. Regards Russell
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    Front suspension lifts

    Hi there Does anybody know of suspension lift kits that fit Qa1 shocks, not looking for too much lift but 50mm would be great. Cheers
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    Toyota 1uz V8 throttle bodies

    Hi there Thinking of making a significant investment with the purchase of a set of throttle bodies for the Toyota 1UZ V8 that is going in my current build. Am trying to buy these on line and be sent to a US address and am having difficulty in contacting the company. Has anyone had any dealings...
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    No fuel

    Hi, need some help with a simple simple I can not see why! I am running a Carter Heavy duty fuel pump thru a standard Summit (sum G3032) fuel pressure regulator feeding 4 twin choke 40mm De Orto downdraft carbs. I can set the pressure at 3 to 4 psi and the car has run successfully...
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    McCopy mk 5

    The parts spread out represent the start of my next project....not sure what it will end up as but options could be; Mclaren M8B road car GT40 Lola T70 or an M8 based coupe similar to the M6 road registered. I have just purchased a completed rear suspension set up from a Holden SS Commodore...
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    Rover Fuel injection

    Hi there Am slowly gathering direction and bits for a 3.5 Ltr Rover, I have previously used 4 twin choke 40mm down drafts which are now getting hard let alone expensive. I have also fitted a 4 barrel 350cfm Holley to that same motor and was impressed at its smoothness. The little road car that...
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    Mclaren M8b replica (visual)

    Hi there I have started out on my second build of a Mclaren M8 B car after having sold my first one last year when we experienced a rather large bump in life. We are now happy to say we are both thru that now and with a well wife and semi retirement, what else should a man do but build his...
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    Audi fwd transaxel

    Hi there, at the risk of starting a whole new story, can the Audi FWD trans axel be used as only a 2wd such as the 013 or 016. I am being given a trans axel tomorrow night and am not sure that I can use it as 2wd. Any pointers thanks. Russell K
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    Renewed member

    Hi there Nice to be back on board after a few major changes in the last few months. First my wife Carol has been given a big challenge, Cervical cancer so we are working hard at kicking that to touch and just to really add to the drama, I got made redundant after 39 years. Just goes to show that...