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    FS USA G96 Trans

    I have a G96 transaxle sitting around. This is the version for AWD, rear shaft pops off or you cut it off. Located in Fort Lauderdale. Will ship at buyers expense. $2500. Will attach pictures later.
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    FS USA Graziano/LS adapter and Graziano shifter

    Hey guys, this adapter plate and Graziano shifter came with my SLC. Never installed or used. I can attach some pictures later. Would like to get NEW PRICE $1100 and I’ll include shipping.
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    WTB SLC rear vents, fender vents, clam glass?

    Anyone have these parts laying around they don’t want? Fender vents Rear clam polycarbonate Rear clam vents
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    Steering rack boot?

    Anyone have an idea where to source? There are lots of them on summit, but no measurements listed .
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    Auto doors on SLC question

    Allan installed some actuator driven doors on my SLC, many builders have them. What’s driving me nuts is that I can’t put the key fob in my pocket without always hitting a button and the door opening. I’ve even accidentally it it while working on it and half way inside the door, nearly caused...
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    Anyone replace 1-2 in a G96?

    I know there are some vendors here that provide this service. However, I’m a DIY person first. There’s a series of YouTube video detailing pulling the trans apart and replacing 1-2 and the synchros. These transmissions are notorious for 2nd popping out. I would like to try to do this myself, the...
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    SLC noise

    Ok, anyone with the RCR cars. What have you done to eliminate or reduce the creaking of the suspension. I greased the front suspension partially, haven’t done the back yet. But wow, perfectly flat roads and still it’s like bouncing on and old steel box spring mattress. has anyone located the...
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    Does the dash compress your AC vent lines?

    Getting to finally putting in my dash and attaching my ac vent lines. It seems like the dash wants to sit on the ac vent hose and not let it sit down all the way. Did anyone have to crest flat spots in the hose? Or is there a specific way they need to be routed under the dash?
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    FS USA Random SLC parts (Sold)

    I have taillights, Dakota style. Regular red and the blackout ones with led lights. $100 Sold Right hand drive steering rack. $75 Sold Steering wheel with rack connector. $Free Sold expansion tank. $free Koso gauge $75 All plus shipping.
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    SLC door fitment

    Anyone have pictures of their final door install? I’m having trouble with them hitting in these locations. Would be helpful to know if I need to trim the door or if this is all alignment via the rods. On both doors the corner is hitting the front clam, the clam is all the way down on the...
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    Wiper blade for stock SLC arm?

    What is everyone using for the wiper blade? I have the stock motor and arm.
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    G96 master cylinder size?

    Just curious was size master you guys are using with the G96 and standard Wilwood/tilton assembly? It’s been a long time since I’ve driven a manual and I’m sure since they were older trucks they were all mechanical linkage. My pedal feels like a long push through thick thick mud. Idk how else...
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    Registration/Title issues

    So I go to the Florida tag agency armed with my insurance, MSO, Bill of sale, and application for certificate of title. Since there are no inspections in Florida I’m expecting this to be easy. No. They say my receipt is not original, well of course it isn’t, I bought it off eBay. They then claim...
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    SLC new style rear clam hinge mount

    Anyone have the new style rear hinge mouthing brackets? Factory is on 4 week order time
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    Help wiring SLC, GM column, Coach Controls System

    So my SLC is in the wiring stage. Having difficulty sorting the GM column and the coach controls integration. Here is the schematic for the GM column. Here’s what I know. 12V IN to #18 and 19 for the turn signal feed, this 12v is supplied from the coach system which has a built in flasher relay...
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    FS USA SLC two piece window trade

    If anyone wishes they had went with two pieces windows instead of one, would be great to trade. In Florida rain is always a concern so I would like as much sealant as possible.
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    FS USA LS-Graziano adaptor and cables

    New never used Graz/LS adaptor. Cables as well. Will attach a picture of the cables later. No idea on price, sells new from RCR for $700 without cables.
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    Converting RHD SLC to LHD

    Well, I either got a hell of a deal or just created a ton of work for myself. Ended up winning an unfinished 2015 SLC on eBay. It has the fiberglass tub and front lift options which is nice. I’ll need a windshield and tires. From all my research I think I can flip the steering rack, drill a new...
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    Info on G96.01

    Hey guys I have a G96.01 that I plan on mating to a LS, for an SLC. Attached you can see what came with my transmission. It appears I have most everything? It looks like the bearing I probably bad tho, haven’t examined it too much. I also need the slave cylinder. Can anyone comment what else I...