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    Transaxle Dilemma

    If you are almost entirely using your SPF for street use either an RBT or ZFQ will be fine. I did break RBT 4th gears twice in my SPF with similar engine to yours on track days. Failure occurred after 10 track days each time. I was running slick tires. I believe Ron McCall has a stronger 4th...
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    Superformance Pedal Box Adjustment

    Yes you can adjust the pedal box yourself. Access is increased by removing the nose and unfastening the A/C evaporator unit. Once access plate is removed I believe there are 2 upper and 2 lower bolts holding the pedal box in. Trying to move the box from inside the cockpit may be possible, but...
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    Dry Sump Oil Reservoir issue

    Corvette LS engines with dry sump use a 2 gallon tank unsupercharged and a 2.5 gallon tank supercharged. This may give you a ballpark figure.
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    Look at 1990's BMW's.
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    Goodwood 2022 Revival Event - Live Stream

    JimmyMac -Brings back memories of Kenny Brack in the wet 2013.
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    Help in bypassing wiper parking function.

    When I did track days I just removed the wiper arm completely. One set screw. Otherwise I had problems with the wiper starting to lift off the windshield at speed.
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    Looking for ring and pinion sets for zf 5ds

    Hi Performance Gears does manufacture the RBT trans in Texas. However RBT in California is the sole sales outlet for parts and complete transaxles. Lloyd doesn't do email, as stated above best to call him just before 8am PST. The RBT website is back up and running...
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    Looking for ring and pinion sets for zf 5ds

    Have you tried Lloyd at RBT? For some reason the RBT website isn't coming up today. Lloyd can be reached by phone before 8am PST (714) 630-2450.
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    FS USA Exhaust Headers

    Yes SPF headers have those numbers and the double wall collectors. I'm not sure if they would fit both 302 and 351 engines considering the taller block of the 351.
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    FS USA Exhaust Headers

    They look like Superformance headers.
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    Error in SPF Wiring Diagram

    Anyone know what the toggle switch near the a/c controls is for? Doug I don't have a toggle switch there, but my chassis P2226 is from 2007.
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    Front Brakes, ERA GT40

    What did ERA send you? SPF uses Wilwood Forged Superlite 4 pot radial mount calipers for 15" wheels and 11.75" rotors. Don't know if that helps.
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    ZFQ trans, is it too harsh for a Triple pate Race clutch?

    My RBT stripped 4th gear on two different track days. Got about 10 track days in each time before breakage. 505hp, 520 lb. ft., Nitto NT-01 semi slicks. Don't know how similar ZFQ and RBT are, but 4th gear is on the longest unsupported part of input shaft. There is a reason Ford went with the...
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    ZFQ trans, is it too harsh for a Triple pate Race clutch?

    What exactly has broken in the ZFQ? What tires are you running?
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    Registration Process - Washington State

    Title your GT40 under 'custom vehicle' Custom vehicles are assigned a model year that the car replicates (i.e. 1966). That avoids any emission or safety standards and makes your car easier to sell in other states with a 1960's title (except...
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    ZF Transaxle information wanted

    Hi Ron, Interesting that you went to a straight cut 4th gear. How long have you had that and who made the gear for you? We had a discussion about that weakness in the past when I broke two 4th gears during track days.
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    Russian F1 GP cancelled

    Unfortunately this has devolved into a political argument. The Paddock banned such awhile back. Let's return this to the Russian GP.
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    Russian F1 GP cancelled

    Fox (Tucker Carlson)