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    Superformance Brake Light Switch

    Anyone know the thread type for the brake light switch on Superformance GT40?
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    Superformance A/C controls

    Does the A/C work better with the defrost on full or not? I think my defrost is full on counterclockwise, but I mistakenly altered the knobs and now forget the most efficient setting.
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    ZF 4th gear breakages

    I've got a Roush 427 Windsor stroker 505hp 520ft. lbs. Twice I've broken 4th gear in my RBT, 7 years ago and now. Both times during track days. Once on a downshift, once on upshift. First time all the gear teeth were stripped off, this time just one broken tooth. Reading old posts someone said...
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    Air Conditioner evaporator

    Anyone deal with a leaking evaporator coil?
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    Steering Column Issue

    Thought I would inform SPF owners of an issue I had with my steering column. The column to dash support bracket broke on my car. If you check the pictures you'll notice the bracket has notches cut in the sheet metal to make bends. These are the stress points that broke. Fortunately I had some...
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    Wheel bearing adjuster

    Has anyone had trouble getting replacement bearing adjusters from SPF? Hi Tech has sent 2 batches from SA, but both have been too tight to thread on my hubs.
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    Brake Hats

    Anybody know the Wilwood part # for our brake hats? Or are they custom made?
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    RBT-ZF Mystery part

    Just drained my RBT and this was stuck to magnet on drain plug. 4mm diameter and 10mm long. No metal filings in oil. RBT is 4 years old with 15,000 miles. Trans has been working fine, just occasional difficult engagement of 1st gear from complete stop. OK when rolling. Any ideas on what this is...
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    Commonwealth politics vs U.S.

    Not to reopen the American Revolution, but interested in how Australian, U.K., and U.S. politics differ. Seems like your Liberal and Tory Parties are more aligned philosophically with our Democrat Party than Republican. Would most Aussies or Brits be willing to give up socialized medicine or...
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    Holley Products

    After having 2 gerotor Holley fuel pumps fail on my GT40 plus 1 red pump fail on my Lotus, all in less than a year, I've had it with Holley Chinese junk. When the gerotor shaft seals fail fuel runs out the weephole making a nice fire hazard. Contacting Holley does no good as their warranties are...
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    Goodwood Revival Schedule

    When is the Revival race schedule published?
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    Racing pad recommendations

    Having trouble getting the right pad to work for trackdays on a SPF with Wilwood Superlight 4R calipers. BP20's I've cooked even with 600 degree fluid and front ducts. Bias took a bit of adjustment, but seems OK now. B pads grab nicely, but can't eliminate severe squeal and vibration. I've done...
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    Track Day Camber Advice

    Anyone have track day advice on camber? This is an SPF GT40 with 17" wheels and semi slick track tires. SPF street setting is about 3/4 degrees F 1 degree R, but some sources say run more on track days.
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    Original MK II at Glen ?

    Anyone have more info on this? Several mods including rear frame to allow clip to be rotated fully backward. Also dash looks almost Mk IV like. To add to previous SPF debate notice rear swaybar mount to shock tower. GT40 at SVRA at the Glen this past weekend - Club Cobra
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    RBT spline size

    I have a standard 5 speed RBT. What is the spline diameter? Ordered a replacement clutch disc 1 1/16" 10 spline for a Ford Mustang (10.5" plate). It won't fit the RBT splines. What size clutch disc should I be ordering?
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    New WA SEMA kit car bill

    All you Washington GT40 owners please call Sen. Mike Carrell (360) 786-7654 to support his introduction of S.B. 5585. This is a SEMA model bill allowing kit car registration as the year it replicates like OR does. Please also call the other senators of the transportation committee listed on...
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    ZF clutch release bearing and carrier

    Giving up on McLeod's internal slave after mutiple failures. What clutch release bearing and carrier are needed for the ZF (RBT) external slave mechanism? Is this the same as the later Pantera parts?
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    ZF Internal Slave Cylinder

    Are there any alternatives to the McLeod internal slave cylinders for a ZF? Some of the others like Tilton require bolting to the transaxle face which looks problematic. I rebuilt my Mcleod and it immediately leaked at the swivel fittings. I sent it back to McLeod for another rebuild. Drove it...
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    Clutch master cylinder

    Is it possible to have a master cylinder that sucks air past the seals, but no fluid loss? I rebuilt the clutch slave due to fluid leakage, but the pedal goes soft after about 25 strokes. No fluid leaks anywhere now and I've bled the system multiple times.
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    Clutch problems

    My McLeod internal slave cylinder started to leak so I installed new seals thinking this would solve my clutch hydraulic failure. No more leaks, good pedal for about 20 strokes, but then goes totally soft. Have bled the system several times. Master fluid reservoir never goes down (except when...