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    Electric/electronic hand brake calipers

    Has anyone explored the potential plusses/minuses of these systems. Looks like a winning arrangement. Certainly easier than running cables all over the place. Clive
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    UN1 - Concentric release bearing

    Hi all, Have now arrived at an inverted UN1 bolting up to the 302, using almost all of the Ford bolt holes. Required some alloy glued to the bellhousing and drilled, but it all lines up nicely. Mounted a Toyota starter to suit the Subaru ring gear on the Falcon 6 flywheel and it should work...
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    UN1 - Which bit Breaks?

    Had a local machining company look at making a one piece input shaft for the UN1. It was too great a challenge, so I'm back to square one. The smallest shaft diameter of the whole mess is about 17.8mm, measured at a point immediately before the input shaft proper, and behind the joining sleeve...
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    Sprung!! - Probably applies to a few.

    You're a true racer if:---<?xml:namespace prefix = o /><o:p></o:p> - You think the primary purpose of wings is to PREVENT flight. - You take your helmet along when you go to buy new eyeglasses or check out cars. - You feel compelled on a road trip to beat your previous best time. - You...
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    UN1 Input Shaft

    Sorry if this covers old ground, but I've been unable to nail down anything in the search function. Pulled my (20 year old but brand new) UN1 apart to flip the crown wheel. I'm inverting the box to lower the input shaft. A fairly simple box, but the input shaft is a nonsense. I'm surprised it...
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    GT40's in Canberra - Wheels 2012

    Following on from a small but much appreciated GT40 display at Wheels, 2011, I have been invited to go round again. This years event will be held at the same location, the lawns in front of the Old Parliament House. This location is now notorious for our Prime Minister's recent run in with...
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    John Philip Sousa

    Familiar with his music from primary school days many, many years ago, I came across this item on Utube. Brilliant photography backed up by a wonderful sound track. Clive Liberty Bell March - John Philip Sousa - YouTube
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    Functional cabin air intakes

    Building in a Vintage Air a/c unit. I am looking at ducting the l/h nasa duct to feed fresh air to the cab, and ducting it to the a/c unit. Strikes me I need to have plenum of some type to stop rain water etc from being ducted in as well. An open/close system would be an added advantage. I...
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    GT40 Lithophane

    Something a bit diferent. Recently been playing with this technique, where a translucent material is machined to create light and dark, dictated by the thickness of material. From an image that fellow Canberran John Lind previously posted of his RF on this site, I machined up this image...
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    'Sealing' the dashboard.

    Hi all, Fitting the dashboard at present. The moulding is a copy of the KVA I believe, and I have modified each end to allow removal without disturbing the screen/spider/roll cage. However, once roughly assembled, the front edge of the dash hangs in space, just under and just short of the...
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    What replaces the distributor drive?

    Building a 302W, and setting up a EDIS8 setup (Ford Electronic Distributorless Ignition System) which uses a toothed cog on the front end of the crank. Still need to drive the oil pump, once the distributor is removed. I'm probably missing something, but am unable to find any reference to a...
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    Pickles Auctions, QLD, Aust

    Vehicle Detail - Pickles Auctions Australia Clive
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    Ford Zephyr Mk111 demister vent

    Do any of our NZ neighbours have access to one of these for sale? Well known as having many older British cars still on the road, if anyone cares to come back with price and availability I would be very interested. Clive
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    Australian GT40 Fibreglass Bodywork

    As detailed previously, I have a (very) long term build in progress. I 'commissioned' a chassis about 23 years ago, and during the 8 year delivery process I was offered a body, under the proviso that I ask no questions as to its origins. I've decided to ask questions. Do any of our Sydney...
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    Alloy cylinder head recommendations

    I plan on having built a neutral balance 347 Windsor. A Scat crank has been mentioned, and alloy heads strongly recommended. Not looking for a high HP motor, but driveable and quick enough not to disgrace itself on the road - 300HP? I would appreciate any thoughts on alloy heads. I'm not...
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    GT40's in Canberra

    We have a get-together of all the local car clubs and associated interest groups each year here in Canberra, as a display in front of the old Parliament House. About the equivelent of Pebble Beach as far as scenery goes. Normally a roll up of 850 -1000 vehicles, ranging from 1901 to the...
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    US Medicare

    As an outsider, I have read that the new Republican dominated government will be repealing the establishment of Medicare. We have a very competent system here in Australia, where everybody is covered for medical expenses, with some top up often required, but getting sick will not cause...
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    Which Forum catagory?

    Sorry if I'm being obtuse, but where do I post a query about possible forum attendees at a local get-together? The Aussie Cobra guys have their annual Nationals about 80 miles up the road at Wakefield Park racetrack on 1-3 October. I wanted to ask if any 40 members were attending. Cannot...
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    An Australian Paddock

    This is how the cattle are moved in the Ozzie paddock. 17 of these road trains were required to transport this mob. Helen Springs Station, the Northern Territory.
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    Is a Heater Necessary in an Ozzy 40?

    Getting the mind around the plumbing, it dawns that whilst A/C is a necessity, heating, even here in Canberra, may not be required. Canberra gets to about -2C minimum about 10 times a year, and about 8C max during the coldest days, again about 10 times during winter. At other times, the A/C will...