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    Classic Le Mans 2016

    Very sorry to hear of Pam's injury, but very relieved it was no worse. Please pass to Pam our best wishes for a rapid and complete recovery, from Janet and myself. What might have happened would have been horrendous. Tony
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    New Member

    How kind. A Brit.
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    This Sceptre'd Isle

    The Shakespeare evening on UK TV last Saturday was magical. Simon Russell Beale's This England soliloquy was electrifying. Listen to the sentiment, then tell me why we should even contemplate giving up 1,000 years of history to Europe?
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    A jet only the British could love.

    May I beg to differ. I flew the Vampire for some 120 hours at Valley during my RAF advanced pilot training. OK, they were getting very long in the tooth even in 1962, but there was a 500rpm band around 5300-odd rpm which had to be avoided because of resonance. They could only be spun dual...
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    Claude nahum

    Well said, Claude. A gracious reply to well-deserved tributes. Claude has been a highly respected contributor to Fortyfication. His articles on preparing and racing P/1016 in particular have been entertaining and most enlightening.
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    Jokes anyone? -

    Sounds like a misfire on No 5.
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    5 point or 6 point belts?

    There's a very practical reason to going for the 6-point option. If you're tall and have to mount the seat near the floor, having a bolt head and seat belt fitting close to your coccyx can be extremely painful in a stiffly sprung car! The 6-point belt enables the 2 wings of the crutch strap to...
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    NEC Classic Car Show 2015

    Darren, I've e-mailed you.
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    Last 'flight' of the Victor

    I was at Cranwell in the early 60s with Prothero. He was 2½ years ahead of me. I've also flown the Canberra whose tail is visible in the clip.
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    Considering a Southern GT

    The Club magazine, Fortyfication, is currently running a costed build log of a Southern GT.
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    Wings and Wheels Dunsfold - 29th and 30th August 2015

    Still trying to work out why we don't qualify as 'crowd-pleasing'. What do they want? Vapour trails? Explosions? Has anyone discovered anything? Wild horses wouldn't get me there now.
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    Surrey meeting this Wednesday

    Fairmile! It was in the last mag!
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    New Jaguar Lightweight E types dubbed replicas by Goodwood

    Surely, you know Glenn, The Festival of Speed and Revival are for Lord March's mates ONLY.
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    a/c pressure switch

    Lloyd, You really need a trinary switch, which switches the compressor off if the system pressure is low and the fans on if it goes too high. The wiring is only very slightly more complex than for the binary, but it will save your compressor if the coolant leaks away. I have a diagram. If you're...
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    The Castle Inn, Horsham, England

    That was the GT40 Enthusiasts Club Spring Cough & Spit.
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    Spring Cough & Spit 2015

    Just about to fire up the '40 in order to get to Outwood good and early. It's a lovely Spring day, bright, sunny and cool with a slight breeze. Looking forward to seeing all the old faithfuls and the season's new cars. Tony
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    Spring Cough & Spit 2015

    The weather forecast for Sunday is cool but dry and bright, so the Spring Cough & Spit at The Castle at Outwood RH1 5QB is on. We have a minimum of 12 cars promised, and I have arranged for the front of the pub to be cleared of other cars and tables, so we can park along that frontage. I plan to...
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    Spring Cough & Spit 2015

    The Spring Cough & Spit at The Castle, Outwood is next Sunday, 12 April. I'm happy to say that take up has been quite good, with at least 10 owners indicating that they will show up with their cars. So, now is the time to check MOT and insurance, get the car taxed and dug out from under the...
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    Spring Cough & Spit 2015

    You may remember back in 2009, the last time it was held, we got our '40s out for the first event of the season, the very successful Spring Cough & Spit, which attracted 16 cars. Since then, Warwick Bean, who acted as host for the event, has moved on and The Castle at Outwood RH1 5QB rather...
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    Mandy's gone.

    And this is what Christine Keeler looks like today If I'd known that in 1964, I'd have lost the will to live!