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    Looking for current owner of #1059

    You could ask Michael about that :nice: Pat
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    Looking for current owner of #1059

    Thanks awatkins Michael has found me and I still have the car! Pat Ryan
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    Name this original Mk 1 road car?

    Not 1059. Stripes wrong shade of blue, wrong wheels and never a Gurney bubble. No smoke either. Pat Owner of 1059
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    Original GT40 Mark I For Sale

    Extremely Original Competition Spec Road Car 1059 For further details see my web page. $1,975,000 USD Pat Ryan 334-717-6942 cell Asheville, NC USA
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    1043 at Gooding Pebble Beach

    Yes, not sold. Well used vintage racer. High bid $1.6 Million USD. Very late sale number, most of the crowd was gone. Pat Ryan