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    Interesting block strength video

    Honda engines are similar, this is the S2000 engine when I was mid rebuild, think it's fairly common for anything relatively high revving. They even have steel inserts cast into the aluminium ladder for local stiffness around the bearings.
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    Fastener Information

    I use Nord Locks all over the place on the racer, they're the only thing that reliably keeps the CV bolts tight, and I've tried a lot of threadlockers, threadlockers with schnorr washers, even bearing fit adhesives and primers. In the end I used to just retorque them every 20-30 miles. (yes...
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    Renault UN diff options - killed my plate diff already...

    As above, looking for anyone that either has an idea's, pointers or even a diff around for a UN transaxle. Basically I fitted an Elite plate diff but it lasted about 3 days and just grenaded itself and took the gearbox out with it - it just wasn't up to the job with the smaller spiders it has...
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    UN1 Gearbox Issue

    No, just filled 'em and left it at that.
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    UN1 Gearbox Issue

    As above they are worn - had the same issue with our UN5 once, just welded and refiled them, been great since.
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    Renault UN1 transaxle, everything

    The worst of it is if you have low traction and no diff and keep spinning one wheel up - you'll overheat the oil in the diff area very quickly indeed then. That's the way we munched a crownwheel because one wheel was spinning on grass.
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    Renault UN1 transaxle, everything

    I've never had that issue, are you sure you didn't just get a flawed fork? I've used it even with 2800lb clamping pressure plates, no problem.
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    Welding on Galvanized / Coated Steel & Cleaning Steel

    Citric acid will do it too, albeit slower. And much safer.
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    Air leaks with slip fit collectors and EFI causing rich A/F?

    Yeah, that's a sensor safe one, it's not pure acetic-cure sillicone sealant, same as the 3M one, it's a hybrid.
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    Air leaks with slip fit collectors and EFI causing rich A/F?

    Whilst I love copper silicone for sealing exhaust systems, using that upstream of a lambda probe will poison the probe anyway. I've used Heldite with no issue before though.
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    Self Tapping Screws -Suggestions

    I mean, they're more just wood screws, you want some proper light metal/tek screws.
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    Renault UN1 output shaft issue

    That's what I always use, anerobic sealant, washes into the oil, change the oil after a quick run in and you got it all out - although someone seems very happy with the amounts there - I use basically a transparent smear of it! Ironically also just put ours together with an LSD, although in...
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    Renault Un1-13 throwback through gear shift

    Last time I had that the diff had spat two teeth out
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    New Transaxle Option

    I was looking at your box a while ago, very interesting design, it'd be great flipped over for low outputs for us Safari boys, my budget doesn't stretch that far though :D
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    UN1 Output shaft on GTD

    It's pretty common, most of the time the parts are so oversized it doesn't matter, but when you start pushing things harder they become a huge issue. My axles have the circlip grooves on the outside and then the CV stars are counterbored to fit over them - so even if you're tight on space it's...
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    UN1 Output shaft on GTD

    Stress fracture from the circlip groove - you're better having the groove on the outside of the CV joint if you have space to do it - then there's no square edged groove right in the most loaded area.
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    Which OIl

    I run Millers CRX 75w90 NT in my UN5's, seem to give decent protection without making the shift too bad (Syntrans makes the shift better when cold but resulted in more wear on the diff when I tried it, but bear in mind the '5 is a much bigger diff and under way more loading than road/track cars...
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    U_joint on wheel side cv joint on diff/gearbox side

    Just run a couple of 930 CV's with the chromoly race cages and stars designed for the offroaders, I'd be amazed if you're running more angle than they will take:
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    U_joint on wheel side cv joint on diff/gearbox side

    It's even worse than just two U-joints because you can't put them out of phase to cancel each others vibrations out somewhat.
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    Anyone interested in a LSD for the UN5?

    Rather dead thread, but if anyone wants a cheaper option, then Elite are offering a LSD for the UN1 that can also be adopted to fit the UN5 as well - I'm just having one sorted for our UN5 atm, about the same price as a Quaife.