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    Still working on a Lola T-70 project and now have a McLaren M-6 GT project...

    Still working on a Lola T-70 project and now have a McLaren M-6 GT project...
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    New member with a T70

    Looks like a car I know... Watched this real numbered car restored in Burbank Ca...
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    TVR 4-Weber 48 manifolds for Buick or Rover

    Looks like I can't post anything for sale on this website... yet...?
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    TVR 4-Weber 48 manifolds for Buick or Rover

    Ok... keeping the F-5000 setup... may sell the Traco manifolds... thinking on it...
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    TVR 4-Weber 48 manifolds for Buick or Rover

    Just got a F-5000 motor with a full Weber 48 IDA setup, and I found an old Traco cast magnesium weber 48 IDA manifold build for a Buick Aluminum race motor... nice stuff!!!
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    Lola T70 body wanted

    I recently went to buy a few used SW gauges and found this... lol... He also had a lot of other cars.... and parts like you've never seen!!! WOW!
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    Lola T70 body wanted

    I just got a full set of windows/headlight covers from A.W.S. in LA for my Lola and McLaren projects... (Aircraft Windshield Supply)
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    TVR 4-Weber 48 manifolds for Buick or Rover

    I'm selling a set of manifolds (r & L make one set, no webers) factory TVR for the Buick or Rover V8 engines. Excellent condition, $850. Email me if interested. Also have Hilborn FI unit for Buick or Rover engines... see photos. Thanks...
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    Scary moment in a Lola

    The two things you never want to fail on a race car are brakes and steering... Lucky Guy!!
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    1967 Ferrari P 3/4 Chassis 0846

    I met Tom as well at the Ferrari Club meetings, I 'm a good friend of Peter Helm. I have a few photos of Tom's cars... RIP... Tom.
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    Shops in the Thousand Oaks / Ventura County Area?

    Saw your post, I'm in T.O., Ca., (building a Lola) and I know of a good shop that has the real cars on hand. I'm non sure if they would work on any kit cars but I could ask... contact me... Gary
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    SBC Weber 48's full setup off F-5000 car...

    I have a SBC full matched set of Weber 48 carbs on an F-5000 manifold for sale... was running, contact me for photos... $2,500. OBO... Thanks... 818-415-3739 (cell)
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    Gonna do it. Lotus Esprit SBF.

    I have a new Lotus V8 Esprit frame for sale... $750. I'll forward photos if interested...
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    Lola T-70 MK3 B Tub & Bodywork coming in...

    More photos.... *NUTS*...:furious: still can't load the tub photos that were sent to me... just got to wait till the tub arives and I take new photos with the body resting on it!!!! :thumbsup:
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    Lola T-70 MK3 B Tub & Bodywork coming in...

    Well... I did it... I got a recreated Lola T-70 MK3-B tub, body, windshield and other parts coming in... at a big cost too!!! but worth it!!! This will be a full race car with around 650-HP, SBC w/Webers, LG-500 or LG-600, Lola 10x15 & 17x15 wheels, right hand drive track monster!!!! Lol... All...
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    Marauder- Mclaren

    I have the original Marauder catalog on the cars they were offering... very well done for the time!... :-D
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    1958 Miller H-Mod Race car for sale...

    This is a 1958 Miller/Crosley H-Mod Aluminum boded race car for sale. It was restored in 1992 (currently not running) and race in SoCal, Monterey Historic Vintage Race when Miller was the mark. Please contact me if interested... Thanks..
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    Hilborn Fuel Injection Unit for Rover/Buick 215 for sale!

    Have a Hilborn FI injection unit for sale, good, clean unit! Very hard to find! $1,500. USD, (extra hoses and fuel block and Buick 215 race motor are for sale separately) Contact me if interested... Thanks for looking... Gary
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    Lola T-70 MK3 B Bodywork For Sale!!!

    Got a nearly complete Lola T-70 MK3 B body for sale, good clean nose, side pods, doors, tail and R-hand drive cab. The cab has had the firewall lip cut out and the hatch is missing. Also one side of the firewall bulkhead has been cut where it meets the side pod. (all can be fixed) Please contact...
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    G50 not flipped.

    Hi, I'd be interested in this g50 to work with a SBC, Lola T-70 project... :-)