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    Introduction & Advice

    Hi Del I have a badge design that I made for Peter and Stu's cars. It goes in the center area above the rear bumper. If you can PM me I will send you the DXFs or cad files if you can open them. If needed you could design your own and send me a 3D (IGES or STEP) of what you want and I could make...
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    Alternative engine for your SLC

    Hi Guys I cut a head from a stuffed 1UZFE in half to have a look. Saw the thread a thought I should chime in.. Cheers Craig Young
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    SCG 003C's Chassis

    Hi Jim Love seeing your updates.. If one day I manage to get over to your side of the world I will make visiting your workshop a "must do" You and your team are living the dream. Just Awesome Cheers Craig Young
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    Body Moulds need new home.

    Hi Sam Welcome to the forum.. I have a friend that might be interested. I have sent him a text and will check up with him tomorrow and get back to you. Cheers Craig Young
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    Tornado GT40 in Texas

    Hi Bob A good friend of mine has a Lola T70 in his workshop and has got another friend to use his Co-ordinate measurement machine to get all the details of the suspension. When he sends me a copy I would love to compare the suspension with yours to see if your set-up has been modernized. I...
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    Carbon GT mono

    Congratulations Urs A great moment... thanks for sharing Now to drive it.. Cheers Craig Young
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    Darrin's MMR BOSS based GT40

    Hi Guys I have made 6 different torque plates for an engine re-conditioner and the guys tell me that the difference with torque plate to without is about a thou and a half. I must admit I didn't think that a block would move much at all. Sorry for the thread drift Darrin Cheers Craig
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    016 reinforcing plate

    Hi John Sorry to muck you around. The IGES file that Ryan has found is the same as the one I have. Does anyone know if this reinforcing plate is correct and has used this particular one. When I finally make one for myself I will make a couple extra. Cheers Craig
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    Newbie - San Francisco

    Hi Karl Very cool car... Cheers Craig Young
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    New Member-351W CAD modelling

    Hi Michel Very nice work... I have a CNC mill and work with 3D cad models most of the time to manufacture parts. Let me know if there is anything you need a hand with. Cheers Craig Young
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    SCG 003C's Chassis

    Hi Jim It's an automotive work of art... Just beautiful. Craig Young
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    Andrew's GT Forte build.

    Hi Andrew Great work.. Thanks for posting the pictures and the story behind them Cheers Craig Young
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    Roaring Forties 66

    Hi Clayton What fantastic are going to turn heads out in that car! Your friend is very talented. Cheers Craig
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    Roaring Forties 66

    Hi Clayton Well done.. Great Progress Thanks for all the photos. Cheers Craig
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    Tornado GT40 in Texas

    Hi Bob I'm really like yours and Clayton's build threads for the little details that go in to turning these parts into something will stand out on the road like few others.. Makes me think I must get on with mine. Cheers Craig young
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    How many SLC's are running on the street?

    Hi Guys Love the SL-C and have been lucky enough to make a badges for Stuart's car in Sydney Australia. I can custom make to measure and will ship anywhere. Cheers Craig Young
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    2014 Budapest Air Show

    Great footage... Thanks for sharing Cheers Craig young
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    Custom transaxle

    Hi Leon Looking great...Great thread to watch Cheers Craig Young
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    Roaring Forties 66

    Hi Neville Sorry but this great build thread is Clayton's. I also have a 016 with a 3.89 final drive but at this stage not planning to change the ring and pinion. When I have started the chassis and have something to show I will start my own build thread but for now I will be watching and...
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    Roaring Forties 66

    Hi Clayton Like David I am also enjoying this thread... Well done.. Great to watch and very informative Cheers Craig Young