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  1. GT5 IR Intake.jpg

    GT5 IR Intake.jpg

    IR EFI Intake w/16 injectors.
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    SLCs take pole and third in NASA 25 hour classic qualifying

    I believe the engine and gearbox from the "other SLC" is from an LMP1 car. A proven success in endurance racing. I've posted some additional info and photos on the same engine config in the "Garage Sale" section at...
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    F/S Alum Ford 6L LMP1 Race Engine - SOLD

    Aluminum 6L Ford/Elan LMP1 Racing Engine. As used in the Riley & Scott Mk IIIc and Panoz LMP Le Mans Prototypes. Re-built by Elan with zero running hours. - SOLD 2nd engine still available: 341 engine with Kinsler EFI intake and EFI Technology ECU. 100% new parts. Never run. Based on Ford...
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    F/S - Independent Runner EFI Intake

    SOLD. Although the buyer/new-owner may only use the intake to mount Webers. So if you already have a Weber intake and want to convert to EFI, the throttle bodies and airbox from my setp-up *may* now be for sale. If interested, I can make the introductions to the new owner if you'd like to...
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    Widebody RCR40

    Adam, I have an all alum 6L engine built by Elan that I may be interested in selling. I can remove the intake so you can the add the Borla injection It uses a custom carbon fiber cross ram intake and built for a Riley and Scott LMP1 prototype for LeMans endurance racing. Fran will be...
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    Hi Adam, Regarding your question: "Who can build me a Dart based 347 with Borla injection for...

    Hi Adam, Regarding your question: "Who can build me a Dart based 347 with Borla injection for a "reasonable" price without drama", maybe you'd be interested in one of my completed engines? I have two for sale. The first is a 341 based on a Ford Motorsports block using Kinsler injection...
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    341 Ford, Kinsler IR Intake, EFI Technology ECU, NEW!

    Can also supply with full Motec fuel and ignition system and harness (as well as the EFI Technology ECU and harness) to include: - Motec M48 ECU - Motec Ignition Expander - Coil packs and Bosch ignition igniters - Wiring harness (both engine harness and chassis harness) Happy to answer any...
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    341 Ford, Kinsler IR Intake, EFI Technology ECU, NEW!

    This engine is built by Powered by Ford in Orlando FL. with 100% new parts. PBF was an early pioneer using the Kinsler intake and working with EFI Technology to run their Ford V8 engines in professional race series. Targeted horsepower for this engine was 650-700 naturally aspirated...
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    8 Stack fuel injection

    Hello deadshot, I have an "8 Stack" EFI system listed for sale here The intake has separate left right banks so will work on motors w/different deck heights. The airbox is fabricated based on a...
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    F/S - Independent Runner EFI Intake

    IR EFI intake. Set-up w/16-injectors: (8) in the throttle bodies and (8) in the airbox. But could also be used with either set of 8 injectors in isolation. Separate left and right bank allow for installation on various deck height motors. (Aluminum airbox and airhorns currently set-up...
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    WTB - Inlet manifold for 351W

    Hello David, This may be of interest: More pics at Racing Engines I also have a complete Motec M48 based system for this set-up, complete with Motec ignition expander, wiring harness, coils, drivers, relays...
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    DIY 8 stack fuel injection

    Randy, Yes, exactly what Fran said - thanks Fran! And very interesting to learn that this strategy is also used on bikes. The upper injector acts as a 'fogger'. But for many race engines, ranging from F1 to V8 Supercars, the only injectors are those located at the top of the airhorns. They...
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    DIY 8 stack fuel injection

    This set-up was fabricated based on a Weber manifold. The manifold was cut to separate the banks and heavily re-worked to match a set of Yates heads. This requires a separate valley plate, but has the advantage of lower weight and flexibility to be mounted onto multiple deck height motors...
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    ENGINE for a racetrackoriented MK2

    Hi Tom, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com <o:p></o:p> A few points to note about this motor relative to the discussions above: <o:p></o:p> - Not a restrictor plate motor, (and not based on parts...
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    F/S 358 Ford/Yates Motor

    Dry-Sump Ernie Elliot NASCAR Motor w/Yates Heads. Engine refreshed w/new parts and dyno'ed at 650 hp by Vrbrancic Brothers Racing. Besides block, crank and heads, most parts are new. Dyno time only since built. Yates NASCAR heads w/porting by Ernie Elliot (stamped with "EEI - Ernie...
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    F/S Carbon Fiber Valve Covers

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    F/S Carbon Fiber Valve Covers

    Fit Cleveland/Boss/Yates heads. Super light. About 1 pound each! More pics at Racing Engines $275.00 Located in Los Angeles Contact: Dave at [email protected]
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    FS: IR EFI Intake w/16 Injectors

    Custom EFI Intake For Sale Set up to use 16 injectors - 8 injectors close to the ports optimize throttle response, and 8 injectors fire direct into top of the air horns for max HP. Either run phased or in parallel. Left and right runners are separate pieces and can be used with multiple...