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    Will and his SLC at LS Fest

    I have always thought that rearranging the Merceces CLS badge to say SLC would look nice too: The Holley video was really nice! Beautiful car! I love the look of the center lock wheels... .
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    Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act

    "One of the more interesting sections is the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015, which allows low-volume manufacturers to produce turnkey replicas whereas previously they could only sell rolling chassis and the end customer had to deal with much of the certification process...
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    The funny things people say to you about your SLC...

    Fran, I'm sure that you have addressed this before, but for the sake of this particular thread, what would YOU prefer or hope that your SLC customers say, in response to the question "What is it?" (After all, its your baby, and I'm sure that you'd prefer that curious onlookers be as well...
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    The funny things people say to you about your SLC...

    Sorry to add to the thread derailment, but this internet meme is for you Garry, :)
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    SLC picture thread

    More Instagram Pictures (I don't like how small these pictures are, but there are some cool shots that people post)
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    Eric's SLC Project Code Name "Grifter"

    The storm-trooper look is awesome, I love it!... Is that your permanent license plate location? :thumbsup:
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    Disappearing thread

    I was the OP, and yes it was removed, likely due to it being an unapproved "advertisement". I didn't mean it as an advertisement in the sense that I was trying to help the car get sold, I was just wanting to bring it to the attention of the forum members, as I am sure that many SLC owners...
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    My new favorite SLC YouTube video... Lookin good Stu! :thumbsup:
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    SLC picture thread
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    SLC picture thread

    Sounds good to me! I've posted lots of SLC images (obviously), but none of them were "my" images in the first place, so I'm not bothered at all!... (I just kieffed them, and posted them here for all to enjoy... (to the dismay of some, but your cars are just so cool that I couldn't help...
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    SLC picture thread

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    The SLC headlight and/or tail light swap potential thread

    2010-2012 Nissan Altima Headlights? (Fling's build:
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    ^^^The visibility looks fantastic to boot! ...
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    To a degree!... :thumbsup: While a replica of this car (or any exotic car frankly) costing fractions of the cost of their real counterparts is fantastic (like a GT40 or Superlite's new GTR), do I think that this car is ACTUALLY on RCR/Superlite's "Seriously Considering..." List?... No...
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    RCR's Next car should be.....

    Hopefully Robertson Racing will acquire some of these new 2016 Ford GT's, and then Fran can pull some molds from them :drunk: :thumbsup::laugh: (Even for Fran, this car looks like it would be quite an in-devour!... (Edit: But PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG!!!, hehe...)). ^^^^Notice the gap...
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    It is beautiful...
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    Superlite Moab
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    SLC picture thread

    Instagram pictures Continued: (^^^Edit: I know that this is 3 pictures of two different cars, but they're both blue, so they're going together!...)
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    SLC picture thread

    Much Much More from Instagram:
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    SLC picture thread

    Some pictures from Instagram: