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    2017 Ford GT Sold at Barrett-Jackson Auction

    Maybe some of you guys saw the 2017 Heritage Edition Ford GT (black No. 2 after 1966 Le Mans winner) sold for 1.4M plus fees. Very shrewd for the owner to double his money after the 2-year no sale contract with Ford was up. This makes me sad as I feel the application/vetting process by Ford...
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    Racing Icons Website

    Sorry if this has already been covered. I tried to go to the Racing Icons website and it does not come up. Are they still in business?
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    Out to the Country

    It was 73F today near Kansas City, Missouri so I drove out to my friend's in the country. If you're building one, get 'er done, 'cuz driving is the fun. I don't really talk like that but I'm still addicted to driving this car after 17 years. Mark C.
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    MKIII Headlight Covers

    I have had several requests over the years and recently to make MKIII headlight covers. I currently do not have patterns for the MKIII but if someone would be willing to loan me theirs (even if cracked or scratched) I would make them a replacement set free of charge. If interested, please send...
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    GT103 and GT104

    A month or so back I was contacted and was honored to make the head and running light covers for GT103, which as most know is one of the original twelve prototypes and is the oldest Ford GT in existence. It was being restored back to the number 73 car that won the 1965 Daytona 24 hours for the...
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    Need for Speed Movie

    A car bud and I went to see the new "Need for Speed" movie. Really a cool show for car guys (especially Ford guys) with pretty intense driving action and sound. It was fun to know that RCR built all the super cars for the movie. They drive them all really hard... and the plot is easy to keep...
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    Psychedelic Snakes

    I had my exhaust system white for the past twelve years. I really liked the vintage look but got tired of painting them. A local shop that does industrial chrome and nickel plating did the entire system in nickel including bead blasting for $150. We didn't polish after the bead blasting so...
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    World of Wheels

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to post a couple of pics of the World of Wheels held in Kansas City, Missouri U.S.A this weeked February 8-10, 2013. There were about 500 cars, trucks, bikes and everything else on wheels indoors at a huge hall. I was invited to show my car in the "Snake Pit" with the...
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    3 GT40s Near Estes Park, CO

    My wife was with her cousin on Highway 7 that leads into Estes Park Colorado and saw three GT40 pulled over near Allenspark. She saw a red one, a light blue one (Gulf colors?), and one other. Was anyone here out cruising in the mountains on Sunday? Pictures? Thanks, Mark Clapp
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    You Never Know

    I just spoke with a nice English gentleman about making door windows for his Manta Mirage kit car (1970s). His name is Ken Wallis and as we were finishing our conversation he mentioned that he was the designer of the 1967 STP turbine-powered Indy car driven by Parnelli Jones. He is writing a...
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    Electric SLC Article

    Check out this article on an electric SLC in Austrailia: Australia's Electric Supercar | Fox News
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    P1054 to be Auctioned

    I just saw where P1054 is to be auctioned. There is an ad about it on at: Hemmings Motor News: Ford GT40 Classified Listings
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    Saleen GT40

    I talked with a lady today (here near Kansas City) that saw a GT40 replica that was reported to be one of two done by Steve Saleen. Would this be a special edition Superformance? I've not heard any talk of a Saleen edition GT40 replica. She thought it was a big block car and said it had a...
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    You Just Never Know

    who you will run into. I was at a local car show Saturday when an elderly man came up and started talking to me. He said his brother drove GT40s at LeMans. I asked his name and he said he is Riddelle Gregory, brother of Mastin Gregory. Mastin drove one of the first three GT40s (GT102, 103 or...
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    Crazy Defined

    I was asked by Fran Hall of RCR to make a plexiglass windshield for a world speed record motorcycle. The form I was given is basically a half-cone shape with a flat portion on the top rear of the half-cone. Since the cone profile is only about 4 inches tall, I asked Fran how the driver would...
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    Forum Member Ben Miller

    I saw an ad on last week for what I'm almost sure was Ben Miller's GTD40. The car was listed from Norman, Oaklahoma and said that the 70 year old owner had passed away last month and so they were selling the car. I was wondering if anyone knew if this was indeed Ben Miller. He...
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    Original Style Rear Sway Bars

    My friend Bill Tuttle has made some original style rear sway bars. He has approx. 5 extra bars that he would like to offer to the forum. He is asking $150 each and can be reached at 703-222-2600 (USA). He can most likely supply end links and brackets for your particular set up so contact him...
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    Coolant Header Tanks

    Hey Guys, my friend Bill Tuttle is making an original MKI style header tank for his car and is thinking of making extras for other builders. I don't have any pictures yet but he asked me to post to see if there might be any interest in some header tanks since it would be just as easy to make...
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    GT40 Light Covers

    A lot of you know me but it has been a few years since I've posted that I make the head and running light plexiglass covers for GTs. I've sold dozens of sets to Forum members over the past seven years for all replica makes and some original cars. The plastic I currently use is shatter-proof...
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    SPF MkII at Ford Meet

    I'd like to share some pictures of Jerry Douglas' SPF MKII that I took this week at a Ford Performance meet in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is a terrific 4-day event with two days of driving at a 10-turn road course, cruise night, all ford drag races, banquet, and car show. His MKII has a NOS 427...