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    New gt40 orders

    sorry but the whole car hobby is dying if not all ready dead. We that love car. i.e 50 years old and older don't want at admit it.The idea of investment cars is not happening in 10 yr. or so. So enjoy your car! Drive fast and have fun! I can remember when model T's were valuable! All things...
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    lola t70 3b tub

    yes, 541 474-1071 to talk
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    lola t70 3b tub

    I have a Tub made of 6061, steel & some supension bits.
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    Call if serious about Lola 541 474-1071 Randy

    Call if serious about Lola 541 474-1071 Randy
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    lola t70 3b tub

    Is there any interest in a new Lola t70 mk3b tub made of 6061 aluminum?
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    Drive Train

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    Drive Train

    New RBT with 4:11,KEP bellhousing 355 sbc 500hp. Enderly injected. IDA manifold and new webers. Air gap 4 barrel manifold All for SBC . CAV bellhousing for SBF $17,500 for all. I don't see how to attach a picture? Randy
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    Spf 2317

    I have a New RBT zf.No waiting!
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    is 112 sold? I am in Oregon. USA. Thank you Randy

    is 112 sold? I am in Oregon. USA. Thank you Randy
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    LS3 water pump rotation?

    I had the impeller changed to a forward rotation this greatly simplified the belt to a sbc type. Hot tip!
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    I did a tribute car to A.J Watson . I called it "Blastolene Indy special. using an 1800 v12. Randy for all the details. Love A.J's cars! Randy
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    ROUSH 427IR Oil recommendations.

    11. 5w30 Lat synthetic racing oil, API SM = 81,800 psi zinc= 1784 ppm phos = 1539 ppm moly = 598 ppm 12. 5w30 Lucas synthetic = 76,585 psi zinc =1134 ppm phos = 666 ppm moly 0 13. 5w50 Catrol edge sytec = 75,409 psi zinc = 1252 ppm phos = 1197 ppm moly = 71 ppm Below is modest...
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    ROUSH 427IR Oil recommendations.

    Test Conditions. All oils were tested at 230 F. Multiple tests were performed to ensure repeatabitity and accuracy. 1. 10W30 Lucas Racing Only synthetic = 106,505 psi zinc = 2642 ppm phos = 3489 ppm moly = 1764 ppm Note: Not suitable for street use. 2.10w30 Valvoline...
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    ROUSH 427IR Oil recommendations.

    Randy The VR1 is over 100,000 psi sorry about the comma. I'l get the zinc, it was all over the board. And Zinc is the one we all talk about but there is a huge difference between 64,ooo psi and 103.000 psi.
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    M8e at Fontana

    What was going on in Fontana?
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    ROUSH 427IR Oil recommendations.

    Valoline Vr1 conventional Race oil has a higher film strength, Its 103.505 psi.Best bang for our buck. Amsoil is 95k,royal purple,exterm race is 74k. Rotella is 74k Royal purple street is 64k. Tests results are printed in Pantera owners club newsletter may 2013. Some JPL type guy that had excess...
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    A rare opportunity

    Yes I got a coupe rear and cockpit.with a Mk1 nose. The MK3 chassis is wider than Mk1 I want to build the Donahue car. But I will only need the fiberglass for buck to build my aluminum body. So I could sell you the fiberglass when I get done!
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    A rare opportunity

    Mike I just got home with the Lola tub. Thanks for the hook up. The guy has GREAT cars. I got a body and lots of other bits. So a Lola Mk3b spider with polished aluminum body! Let the good times roll. Use the RBT zf and SBC with 48 IDA's I have!
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    Is the lola project for sale? Interested Randy

    Is the lola project for sale? Interested Randy
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    RBT Trans - Lloyd Butfoy - Anyone contact him recently?

    I have a new RBT ZF wit 4.11 for sale.CAV bellhousing with trans.13k These are great! Was for a Mclaren project. Randy