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    Audi Quattro AWD

    Guys guys, guys, think cheap. I am not doing a $50K car but more like a $5K car! Please get real here. I am thinking more like Lotus 7 rather than V10 or even V8 I also do not want a workover of a stock chassis. I am from a roadracer background. Cheap, small, fast. :-)
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    Audi Quattro AWD

    I was thinking using a Saturn V6 engine for a north/south car with RWD. I have a NA Saturn VUE Redline SUV and it pulls strong in this fairly heavy car. About 270 HP I think. Problem is that it seems the V6 only was available in auto trans versions, no manual gearbox available except for the...
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    Audi Quattro AWD

    I did not realize the Audi placed the engine sooo far forward. This to a large extent defeats the advantage of AWD and the desired weight distribution don't you think? So SAAB possibly addressed that with their backwards engine/trans arrangement I suppose. I used to have a SAAB 99 but of...
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    Is active?

    Hi, I have been trying for several days to establish a log-in account with forum but nothing I do seems to work. Is this a dead site? I have a user I.D. and email established with them but have not received a confirmation email to respond to. Also, the site asks to contact any...
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    Audi AWD dimensions

    Anyone done a CAD model of an Audi AWD power train and suspension? I know this question is leaving a lot wide open but that is what I want. I am a CAD designer and was hoping someone had done some of this modeling so I don't have to start from scratch. Right now I am thinking 5 or 6 speed...
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    Audi Quattro AWD

    Well, this seemed like a forum with like minded builders so I am giving it a shot. I do not want to build or restore a GT40 but rather build an AWD street racer, probably Audi Quattro based. At least 3.0 V6 or possibly the 4.0 twin turbo V8. I have been Goggling and it seems feasible. Maybe...