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    Harmonic balancer

    Thanks I did see that on the CVF website, what brand of harmonic balancer are you using? and if you needed a shim what thickness shim did you have to use? I should have also mentioned I`am using V belt pulleys.
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    Harmonic balancer

    Looking for advice.. I have a 351W it is internally balanced, I`m using CVF racing pulleys ,4 bolt harmonic balancer pulley and a CVF short water pump what would be recommended for the harmonic balancer to make belt alignment the easiest. Thanks for all your help Kent
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    alternator bracket

    Hi Sean I ordered the items you used on your car everything fits great..I do have a question which harmonic balancer did you use to get your belts to line up so nice? Thanks Kent
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    Brake lines

    Thanks for your help.
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    Brake lines

    Thank you! what pound residual valve did you use front and rear?
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    Brake lines

    Looking for a brake line diagram, I want to run a 3AN line off of the calipers on all for corners of my car and from the braided lines go to 3/16 hard lines..but I`m unsure of where to use proportioning valves and residual pressure valves or anything else I mite need to add to the brake line...
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    Is Air Conditioning system necessary?

    A/C for sure...just finished getting mine installed.
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    Intake air temp sensor

    On my GT40 I have and 8 stack weber EFI where is the best place to mount the intake air temp sensor for the sensor to work and monitor temps the best? do any of the manufacturers make a bracket to mount the sensor? if not I will just fab one based on the best place to mount the sensor. Thank you!
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    Fuel plumbing size.

    I`m slowly making forward progress! looking for advice on AN fuel line size, from the fuel tank to to the weber 8 stack injection 351W 6AN or 8AN ? thank you for your advice.
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    Sanden 508

    I`am very close to finishing up on my AC and ALT brackets thanks to the help from forum members, is there a Sanden compressor that has Similar mounting brackets on the compressor as the sander model 508 does but a little smaller? I can get the 508 in ok but my range of belt adjustment is very...
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    Joe’s AP MK1 Gt40 build

    Very nice build! what tool did you use to do the flaring on the ends of your coolant pipes?
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    RCR GT-40 Engine Accessories for LS3

    have you checked out the they offer a few diff bracket choices.
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    a/c compressor bracket

    pm sent as well.....dang I hope I did not miss out.
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    a/c compressor bracket

    Very good advice Brian on the tube gap. I will definitely make sure the tolerance is correct.
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    a/c compressor bracket

    I did get and email back from SGT and they do not have and AC bracket.
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    a/c compressor bracket

    thank you so much David! very good pics! I like the way this bracket utilizes the fuel pump mounting holes as well. this is definitely what I will do and I can definitely fab it myself.
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    a/c compressor bracket

    David I emailed SGT and asked them if I could purchase and AC bracket from them, I will keep you posted on what I find out if I can't buy one I will build my own.