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    Engine coolant temp good proxy for oil cooler fan switch?

    Do you not have space for an oil thermostat rather than trying to control a fan? oil thermostats
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    Joe’s AP MK1 Gt40 build

    Going back a page, I notice your shift lever assembly. Could you post some more picture / details of the mechanism?
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    Dry Sump Oil Reservoir issue

    Some of the motorsport parts suppliers have some information on items such as this in their catalogues Example here
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    Doug’s RCR Jaguar D Type Build.

    Too late now, but could you not have tapped the holes in to the hub, rather than a through hole and a nut on the back? You could get 2 C shaped pieces of 8 mm ally laser cut and tap those though.
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    Basil Green

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    Header tank plumbing

    As close as you can to the water pump inlet is the best. The intent is to provide a positive head of water at the pump inlet
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    JP, that's a hell of a daily driver.
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    Detached Workshop Garage Design

    Hi Joel If you have not found it already, you can see lots of discussion about building etc here
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    Hi Don . Thanks for your message about the shift pattern. If you could check for me that would...

    Hi Don . Thanks for your message about the shift pattern. If you could check for me that would be great Regards Fred
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    Audi 016 transaxle shift pattern

    Good day All. Amongst other thing I am trying to finalize on my project at the moment is the gearshift operation As I have never seen the Audi 016 transaxle gear linkage in a donor car, I am unsure what the shift pattern at the transaxle is. I have tried to research it, but am still not...
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    Tips for a noob MIG welder

    To aid in seeing the weld puddle I find a magnifying lens in the helmet helps a lot, they are available from welding supply stores. Also a portable lamp you can position so it shines on the work will make it easier to see the weld pool. Adjust the welding helmet darkness level to that...
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    CANAMSA - SA stratch build

    These are better, right?
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    CANAMSA - SA stratch build

    Hi All As is obvious I havent been posting many pictures, let me try and remedy that by showing some details of things that took up so much time. Steering column and pedal box. One of the challenges on a scratch build mid-engine chassis is packaging the pedals, steering column and rack, front...
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    CANAMSA - SA stratch build

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    CAV GT40 trailer tie down in the front

    I've see some cars secured by straps looped over the tires. Depends if the deck has suitable cross braces or brackets to allow that. It needs a point directly in front of and behind the tire, and a third to hook the strap end to so you can pull the strap ratchet buckle tight.
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    CANAMSA - SA stratch build

    testing picture posting, apologies
  17. Canamsa 2021

    Canamsa 2021

  18. front ride height 1.jpg

    front ride height 1.jpg

  19. front ride height 2.jpg

    front ride height 2.jpg