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  1. Scott Calabro

    Buying and owning a tank

    Joel you’d probably enjoy this book WRT WW2 engine design/ development.
  2. Scott Calabro

    Header to collecter fasteners

    Silver plated 10/32 flange nuts (jet nuts) on stainless or inconel shoulder bolts, lubricated with milk of magnesia.
  3. Scott Calabro

    Right hand drive in the USA

    Having the steering wheel on the left side screams fake.
  4. Scott Calabro

    Cooling System Plumbing

    Looks like the magnetic plug/drain from a Honeywell 36-150 APU
  5. Scott Calabro

    ***SOLD*** Tornado Carbon Fiber Chassis For Sale ***SOLD***

    Chassis & parts are now on their way home with the new owner.
  6. Scott Calabro

    ***SOLD*** Tornado Carbon Fiber Chassis For Sale ***SOLD***

    Located in Southwick Massachusetts, USA
  7. Scott Calabro

    ***SOLD*** Tornado Carbon Fiber Chassis For Sale ***SOLD***

    Ceramic coated coyote exhaust system
  8. Scott Calabro

    ***SOLD*** Tornado Carbon Fiber Chassis For Sale ***SOLD***

    Completed C/F monocoque chassis RHD/RHS set up for a coyote engine Seats Full suspension Shocks Brakes Brake boosters Adjustable bias pedal assembly Master cylinders Shift linkage Steering column Steering rack Shift linkage All access panels Rear bulkhead and window Fuel tanks/senders...
  9. Scott Calabro

    It's hard to believe this is real!

    Elon certainly seems to be the Howard Hughes of today.
  10. Scott Calabro

    Mono chassis paint prep

    With all the time and effort you’ve put into this Andy, I’d consider getting the tub galvanized. Then paint it whatever top color is most “correct”
  11. Scott Calabro

    Fuel pump specs updated

    SW makes a nice “retro” looking pump….
  12. Scott Calabro

    Gt40 seats

    Joe, I have a set for my carbon TS40 I can let go as I’m not at the stage of needing them just yet. email me at: [email protected] best, Scott
  13. Scott Calabro

    Newbie from Missouri

    Hi Nick, Call anytime Mon-Fri 0900-1700 EST (413) 875-2960 Or email [email protected] Regards, Scott
  14. Scott Calabro

    RIP Jim Pace

    Definitely too young. I found this video quite crazy. Sadly I believe, men like these who drove Group 7 cars in anger no longer exist. Watch… Holy
  15. Scott Calabro

    Alternative Energy Sources discussion
  16. Scott Calabro

    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    Neil, send me the size you want and an address you would like a few of them shipped to at … [email protected]