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    Hello From the St. Louis Area

    Welcome to GT40S Chris. You are in my opinion doing things correctly by desiring to visit builds in your area, and planning on visiting the manufacturer’s facility. Reading others build threads will give you lots of insight on ideas for your build and also their experience with the...
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    GT40 Transaxle.

    And a 2 piece case . Sorry I couldn’t resist. Hopefully you find a transaxle that will handle the abuse of racing and still fit within the confines of your car. Regards Brian
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    Columbus Ohio RCR40

    Welcome to GT40S Nate. You are doing the right thing by reading all the builds and asking questions. Good luck with your future build. Sorry for the thread drift Nick. Carry on !!! Regards Brian
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    Fling SLC Build Thread

    Nice video Michael. I will be watching it on the big screen when I get home. Hard to see all the details on my phone. Looks like a nice build with several upgrades. Congrats !!! Regards Brian
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    2018/2019 VIR Pics & RCR Lola build.

    Looking good. It’s almost time to come home. Congrats !!! Regards Brian
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    Incoming CAV GT #41

    Very nice Rick. Summers coming and you will have it just in time to enjoy it. Congrats !!!!
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    Balance Bar

    A lot of good information here guys, Thank You for your experience and explanations. Regards Brian
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    David G 69 Gulf SPF build begins.

    Congrats David. That is going to be a awesome car. Please keep us up to date on your progress. Regards Brian
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    Joe’s AP MK1 Gt40 build

    Thank You Joe !! Regards Brian
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    Joe’s AP MK1 Gt40 build

    Joe, do you have a link to the stainless filler pipes you ordered. Thanks Regards Brian
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    Formula Junior..Volopini replica

    Russell, great to hear from you. Sounds like you are having a good time with all your cars. I had a 68 Rambler back in the day and it was a blast. Please keep in touch. I enjoy your updates. Regards Brian
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    Hello to all from a new GTD40 owner.

    Welcome to GT40S Bill. Please post photos on arrival, along with details of the build. Enjoy the forum !!! Regards Brian
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    hello I am a new member greetings to all

    Welcome to GT40S Echedey. Looks like you are from Spain perhaps. Please tell us about the projects you have in mind. Read through the build logs as there is a lot of knowledge in them. Enjoy the forum !! Regards Brian
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    Sounds like he’s got it handled Neil.
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    ICan’t find the "How to" nor the "Superformance" subforums

    To my recollection, Superformance quit sponsoring the forum and stopped giving customers any support on here. I think the posts were rolled over into individual subsections. Regards Brian
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    Tool room for sale

    That’s my thoughts exactly Ben. A total package like that must be worth the money. Regards Brian
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    Purging air from remote oil filter and cooler

    Straight and to the point Howard. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Regards Brian
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    2018/2019 VIR Pics & RCR Lola build.

    Won’t be long now. Beautiful T70 will be heading your way soon. Looking forward to more pictures when you get it home. Regards Brian
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    Jokes anyone? -

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    Hello new member from Norway

    Welcome to GT40S Even. Sounds like you have a very interesting project going on. Please start a build thread and keep us up to date. I have no idea what you posted above, but your profile information tells a lot. Please enjoy the forum. Regards Brian