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    Racing green project car

    Welcome aboard Mark! A surprising amount of GT40 owners around the Midlands.
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    My Gt40 On The Dyno - Video

    Very simply it was ignition timing, after spending a huge amount of time balancing the carbs and getting the fuelling spot on. It drives wonderfully!!!!
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    Wanted - Gt 40 fully built for sale

    Location? Any particular Manufacturer?
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    My Gt40 On The Dyno - Video

    Hi all, I thought as it was such a momentous occasion for the me and the build it might warrant it's own thread on our forum! I recently fitted a set of quad 48's supplied by Webcon (along with one of Tornados new turkey pans) and as the set up is well out of reach in terms of my skill levels I...
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    My 'completed' GT40 resto....

    Hi Duncan, thanks for the compliments, there was a HUGE amount of time and effort put into the panelling, I certainly don't think there's anther Tornado built like mine :-) Happy hunting! I hope you find a good project to get stuck into!
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    Picture Request - Turkey Pan / Rear Clip Interaction

    Appreciate all of that Kev, I'm more interested to see if the rear clip closes down to form a seal against the top of the pan or whether the pan projects through
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    Picture Request - Turkey Pan / Rear Clip Interaction

    Hi all, I've trawled the net for sometime and can't find what I'm looking for..... does anyone have a photo of a '40 fitted with a turkey pan and the rear clip down? I would like to see the interaction of the 2 together Thanks
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    Non traditional seats?

    Mine, some cut down high back buckets
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    FS EU Ford 302 Edelbrock RPM Performer Intake & Holley 600cfm Carburetor

    Hi Brian, England, on the northern edge of the Cotswolds
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    FS EU Ford 302 Edelbrock RPM Performer Intake & Holley 600cfm Carburetor

    Removed from my car is my Edelbrock PRM Performer intake and Holley 600cfm carb set up, the parts were bought new and have had just over 1200 miles use. They've only been removed as I'm swapping to quad IDF's so surplus to requirements. The price does not include shipping, I would ship...
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    Norfolk Tornado

    Thanks for the update Andy, your build was a massive inspiration what I was rebuilding my car.
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    FS EU Side Window Hinges, Latches & Hardware

    No longer required Happy to post worldwide, price excluded postage £SOLD!
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    FS EU Body Latches

    Surplus to requirements, good used condition. Adjustable clasps SOLD
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    Southern GT #70

    Looks superb David! Well done!
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    FS EU Pair of 10" Pull / Push Electric Fans

    Would listen to offers on these
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    My 'completed' GT40 resto....

    That was my initial plan to be honest but as the build evolved and I started making the ali panels for the interior I thought it would be a nice touch to have them exposed :-)