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    New to DFW

    Hello Gary, I'm east of Dallas, in Rockwall, and just starting a build on a RCR40. Josh
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    Sean's RCR GT40 build

    Sean, I have post 227 in Chuck and Ryan's build bookmarked for when we get to the weatherstripping on our build. He goes over their trials of different weatherstripping in that post. Josh
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    New from Dallas

    Thank you Bob. I just started reading your build thread. I'd be interested in taking you up on that offer.
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    New from Dallas

    No, I'm sorry. I don't know anyone running Clevelands.
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    New from Dallas

    Hello all. I'm from the Dallas area, and joined a week or so ago. It looks like this site is a wealth of knowledge. I don't have a gt40, yet. But, I'm looking to get information, and compare the different manufacturer's before I decide what to go with.