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    Marchal headlight mounts

    I may have some sets wich I know to fit the correct marchal gt40 headlights (I sold the lights on this forum). Will look.
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    Beware of member John Shaugnessy

    Hello Murf, Parts were delivered to : John Shaugnessy 3303 West Harvard St. Santa Ana CA 92704. where this adress belongs to Collins Racing. Lights : Tracking is : 1ZY9T06C6700001813 (delivered January 31 and proof of delivery signed par Collins himself) Pumps : Tracking is ...
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    Beware of member John Shaugnessy

    Yes, sadly pathetic. Specially with the disadvantages of Internet as your name (and topics associated with) get referenced as this thread about him will certainly be by Google. For a few money, you can ruin your name. Don't know what John wants to do of its own life as he is rather young (25)...
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    I'm looking for Mrachal headlights

    From my side, sold them all and I see none NOS on the market. Anyway, there is always a solution to any problem. What you can do is the old school way : When these lights were in production (I mean Marchal lights till the 80's), you could change the whole light or just the glass. Then buy a...
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    Need Urgent help UN-1 quaife Gears help

    I have rebuilt many and many of those. With the quaiffe internals, you just need to improve oil ways and distribution and be very accurate in the settings of the pre loads of bearings. Beside this, it is a very good gearbox for the price. One thing to check, if you do not have a quaiffe LSD...
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    Beware of member John Shaugnessy

    Beware of John Shaugnessy, if he offers you to enter into a business relationship with him don't walk away, run! I share with you my experience with him. Alas, a very classic story of a scammer. However, the disturbing point is that he uses the trust that exists between members of this...
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    FS EU End of inventory - Original rear tail light marchal MK1 - Original Marchal MK1 Fog lights - Marchal lenses

    SOLD : 1 pair of fog lights 2 pairs of rear lights 1 pair of new lenses
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    FS EU End of inventory - Original rear tail light marchal MK1 - Original Marchal MK1 Fog lights - Marchal lenses

    Gentlemen, As told, I finished to clean the warehouse and have some extras spares for sale. More spares than cars I will ever own... So, I offer for sale the following parts : 4 pairs of used Marchal MK1 tail lights. Used but nice. They have been overhauled, inside has been glass blasted and...
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    Correct fog lights?

    Yes, NOS 651 are rather hard to find and the used ones have often rust as they were very exposed to weather : 250 euros is the usual prices for nos lenses, very hard to find. Also, as the bulb holder was not part of the lamp replacement kit, you need to buy them separetely and, as there is none...
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    Correct fog lights?

    Hello, it is P14.5S for the halogen versdion of the fog light and BA21D for the old ones. I am not sure of the reference for the headlight, it should be P45, I know the bulb, not the ref. I will check.
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    Correct fog lights?

    Here are pics of the 2 versions of the correct fog light. The one on the left is the 651 model with a separate bulb holder for a BA21D bulb (max 45w). The version with the separate holder is the one that was originally mounted on the GT40 but was too weak. So Marchal modified them to upgrade to...
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    Correct fog lights?

    The fog light is Marchal 651. Best
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    FS EU Original Marchal rear tail lights

    ALL SOLD (even oversold, more requests than inventory)
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    FS EU Original Marchal Headlights TP21SP

    ALL SOLD (even oversold, more requests than inventory)