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    MKIV kit options

    There is a model online extracted from a videogame. Uncertain how correct it is compared to the original body but could be a place to start if someone wants to build a buck. The mk1 model from forza horizon was very nice when compared to the real deal curvature.
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    Where to get 6pin wine glass wheels

    You can get a three piece version from image wheels in UK. Have a look at Brian Stewarts build thread as his wheels are image.
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    Tool room for sale

    Last i saw was in the area of 240K
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    Hello new member from Norway

    Vælkømmin te gards
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    RCR40 EV Build

    Just my thougts: Rather than modifying a platform intended for a combustion engine, why not start from scratch and adjust the chassis for electric components? The layout should be pretty good for placing batteries. You can fill the volume where you normally have your fuel tanks and engine and...
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    Scratch build parts C6
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    Front substructure dimensions

    Hi Does anyone have some dimensions for the following; -Mk1 quick jack tube. Looking for height from bottom of the front tray(or some other point) and center to the radiator screen frame. Also need to verify the pipedia, guess either 3/4 or 1" OD. -Some reference dimensions for the brake...
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    Window frame

    The print for the frame is in the gt40 uncovered book.
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    Soperformance MKII diffusers

    Think you can buy them from cushman.
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    Using Audi Quatro Transaxle (8HP55) with a V12 - Adaptors

    Looks like a sweet transaxle but i doubt it would fit in a gt40 style chassis if that is your goal.
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    Monocoque Measurements

    The plate i tried highlighting in this model Tim
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    Eight Stack Air Filters

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    Monocoque Measurements

    The print shown is the plate behind the steeringrack (2113) The plates in question is the side of the footwell area and dash front. Might have something on the dashboard plate but not the sideplate.
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    GT40 Transaxle.

    Again; Porsche G50 (and probably G96/97) will fit quite good. You will need to fabricate some sort of support cradle up to the crossmember and build your own shifter linkage. Have a cad model of a quaife upgrade box for porsche 997 in an chassie drawn to original prints. Graziano will also work...
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    Southern GT #70

    You should start working in a blue warehouse coat...