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  1. Big-Foot

    7.3 Godzilla in an RCR Gt40 MKII?

    Sounds like an exciting project. I’ve only built 1 car with over a thousand HP and even though the car with me in it weighed 3,000#, It was a beast and without racing slicks there was no way to put even half of the power to the ground. Yes it was cool - but simply over the top and could be a...
  2. Big-Foot

    Mark B's Build Thread

    Absolutely fabulous results! Kudos to you! Loved the video!
  3. Big-Foot

    Sean's RCR GT40 build

    Nice job on the transaxle support! I like yours better than mine and can’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t work even better being in compression rather than extension…
  4. Big-Foot

    Suggestions for storing body clips

    I think the absolute best way to store those clips is to build bucks that simulate the clip being mounted on a chassis. Keep them protected from heat sources and the sun in general. The most creative bucks I've seen involved pulley systems that hoisted the loaded bucks up to the ceiling.
  5. Big-Foot

    Hello From the St. Louis Area

    Welcome to the GT40s forum Chris! Brian's given you good advice! If at all possible, it's a GREAT idea to meet the manufacturers face to face and see their products first hand.
  6. Big-Foot


    You've probably already figured this out - but - scour through all the build logs and glean what you can. For myself, I think installing an electric water pump simplified things in terms of room in the engine and passenger compartment by trading off a slightly busier boot up front behind the...
  7. Big-Foot

    Windshield fitment

    Yes…. It took more than an hour of waving the heat gun back and forth, top and bottom, but I was able to get the “Z” and sag out of the spider..
  8. Big-Foot

    Borla 8 stack efi fuel problem

    Julian and Terry have given great advice / information. Another thing to think about is in your return line. You should never just dump the return fuel into the top of the cell. Instead, your return line should have a tube inside the cell that brings that heated fuel to the bottom of the cell...
  9. Big-Foot

    Aussie RCR T70 capers

    Your link won't work for us unless you make your content public.
  10. Big-Foot

    Windshield fitment

    Wow - I heated my spider up to 200F to get it to go back to where I needed it to. I let it cool slowly though rather than chill it. From that point forward, I had a prop holding up the center of the spider until I welded mounts to the top of the roll cage that the spider was then fastened to..
  11. Big-Foot

    Slc delivered

    Congratulations!!!! Colin Stewart and his company are great people to work with - I've used them several times and always tipped the drivers (one time it was Colin himself)..
  12. Big-Foot

    MSD 6AL Issues

    I've not had any troubles with the Blaster coils when mounted vertically (as recommended by any manufacturer of coils). I have had problems with MSD's Spark Boxes and Electronic distributors.. Once they overhauled them they worked just fine. So it would seem that they do, indeed, have a...
  13. Big-Foot

    MSD 6AL Issues

    Was your Blaster-2 coil mounted in the Vertical position with the tower pointing UP?
  14. Big-Foot

    Front Pulley Assembly & Oil Pan for RCR40

    I don't have the pulley information readily at hand, but will tell you that there's literally NOTHING under the engine in the RCR so you would be free to fit any sump that has clearance to the road. I used a front sump on mine because I liked the short oil pump intake tube rather than...
  15. Big-Foot

    Hello to all from a new GTD40 owner.

    Fixed it for you! Welcome to GT40s!
  16. Big-Foot


    G50/03 with modified nose (tail) cone… Sorry - it’s kind of buried in there…
  17. Big-Foot

    Columbus Ohio RCR40

    Looking good Nick! I had a heckuva time getting my wide hips and clip where I wanted them to be. Especially getting the rear deck “flat” between the arches. I built a rear support structure from 1x1 oak from the big box store and glassed it in place. 200% better results!!!
  18. Big-Foot

    hello I am a new member greetings to all

    Welcome to GT40s.. Tell us about yourself and about your interests in GT40s and the like…
  19. Big-Foot

    Here or BAT to sell SLC?

    Have you gotten $50 worth of value during your time here on ?
  20. Big-Foot

    What’s this????

    Simon - I'm not familiar with them then. Larry - Those are aftermarket Tie-Bar Roller Lifters. I have never seen a Tie-Bar setup from an OEM like Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, et al...