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    V12 engine for COUNTACH replica

    These are very long engines too. Definitely worth checking for fit, including transaxle mounting face to output flange, plus bell-housing / adapter length.
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    GT40 Transaxle.

    Trans on it's own is around AUD$31k, but then you'll need a bunch of gear to make it all work.
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    GT40 Transaxle.

    Older pic, but you can see it fits in a GT40 pretty well.
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    GT40 Transaxle.

    Hi Warren. Have you considered the Holinger MFT? Australian made and supported, and rated to some ridiculous torque levels for 24hr racing. Mine is behind a twin turbo V8, and they reckon it's well within capacity. Not cheap, but an SL-90 is also in the upper end of the price scale.
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    Ferrari 348 motor - front engine / RWD conversion

    Hi Lenny, There won't be anything available off the shelf. I've done this for both Ferrari 360 and 488 twin turbo V8s. You'll need to have something machined from billet. The difficult part is measuring the bolt pattern on the 348 engine, and modeling it if you don't work with CAD. I had to...
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    Mazzei Formula 5 Rotor Turbo SLC

    I'm interested to see more pics of how you mounted the MFT in the chassis, and the oil filter mount for the MFT. Great work, amazing engineering there.
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    These guys delivery worldwide...
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    Recommended RCR40 Build Logs This is the most detailed RCR GT40 build log that I have seen.
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    FS USA Gt40 Doorhandles

    Hi Kim, if these are still available, I'll take them. I'll pay postage, no problems.
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    RF or DRB Windscreen

    Southern Cross Autoglass in Melbourne
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    Steering column controls.

    Triumph Herald / Spitfire.
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    AP mk1 twin turbo

    Ryan, it's Active Power (USA) What are the chances there are 2 GT40 manufactrers referred to as AP!
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    Hello from Geelong, Victoria , Australia

    Hi Chris, what brand of kit are you building? RF?
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    The Kooks headers for the C8 Corvette are great. I bought a set and cut them up to adapt to a different engine (turbo application).
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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    I sense an April 1st kind of vibe here... ;)
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    Joe Blo GT40

    Trevor Wright, he's in Buderim. I'll send you his details through the FB group.
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    Joe Blo GT40

    Great work Joe, let me know if you need any info on building this guy. I made numerous changes / upgrades to mine over the years. Also, Trev is up the road from you, and he's now registered and running, and making some changes as new things come to light. They are a great car. You're right...
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    RCR40 Handbrake?

    I found the Tesla caliper very bulky, although with spacers, it can be widened for most rotor thicknesses. With Corvette C6 rotors, you can use the drum of the rear rotor for the handbrake. Custom back plate to accommodate the standard shoes (190mm diameter), springs, adjusters and levers. Not...
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    Help required - GM Parts source

    Thanks, much appreciated.
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    Help required - GM Parts source

    Thanks Ken. Seems I was searching for just the brakes, and didn't consider looking at the hubs. Walter, if they're happy to ship to Aus, I'd really appreciate the lead to your known source. Thanks