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    GTD Receivers - Purchase of Stock ETC

    I've scoured the following on the net. "GTD have had a bit of a chequered history of late but the company is now back in the hands of creator Ray Christopher and it’s to be hoped that their fortunes can...
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    KVA Kit

    Thanks for all your replies. I called the gentleman yesterday but he's allready taken a deposit. I really like GT40's though so I'm not giving up.... maybe someone on here picked it up, it was rolling chassis and body, Ford 302 V8 block. [ March 08, 2003: Message edited by: tiger Dan ]
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    KVA Kit

    Hello, I've been looking at GT40 kits to build, and just come across a part build KVA GT40 for sale. The chaps asking £4k for it. Any one know anything about this kit? Couldnt find any info searching on the web. Many thanks Dan