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    Help me researching the history of my SPF

    My best suggestions would be to contact: Randall Thomas of the Superformance Car Owners Forum (SCOF) who might have some information about this car: Mike Stenhouse of Second Strike who runs a registry of Superformance cars: As the number of...
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    Ford GT40 Anthology Discount To Jan 17th

    Thanks for this. My copy has been ordered and is on its way.
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    GT40 at Monterey Car Week 2021

    Wow, you saw a lot of original cars on your trip. By my eye, these are the cars you saw: M3/1105 ??? P/1051 P/1015 J-5 P/1016 RCR replica P/1047 P/1085 GT/105 P/1067 J-9
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    Your first car was a ____________

    Your first car was a ____________ sh!tbox 1985 Ford Tempo GL coupe. I bought this turd second-hand immediately after graduating university, to get around and to teach myself to drive stick. It taught me a lot of other things in the process like what a curbsider is, how to use a...
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    GT40s @ Goodwood

    according to my records, the #8 car is a Superformance (P/2147) and the #6 car is an original (P/1071)
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    AM GT -01

    The display sign for this car says it's AM/GT-2, not AM/GT-1:
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    Old GT40 Photos

    I'd say it's P/1033. See photos here:
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    Gt40 1013

    The car was on display at Autoworld Brussels as recently as Dec 2017. I've seen pics online.
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    Which chassis number: GT40 at Legendary Motorcar?

    Thanks for the info.
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    Which chassis number: GT40 at Legendary Motorcar?

    Does anyone know the chassis number of this GT40 which is currently at Legendary Motorcar and which ran at SAAC-42 Indianapolis this June? Thanks. Website listing: 1969 Ford GT40- 1 of 7 Lightweight GT40s factory built The car is described as follows. 1 of 7 Lightweight Factory...
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    Recent changes to Canadian Import Laws

    No, I believe that's the same as before. The issue has to do with whether the kit imported is deemed to be an unassembled motor vehicle. If so, it must meet and be certified to federal safety standards to be allowed in. On the other hand, if it's deemed to be a "starter kit" -- that is, a...
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    Recent changes to Canadian Import Laws

    I think you might have misread the table. I don't see any change; that is, kit cars less than 15 years old are still inadmissible and kit cars 15 yrs or older are still admissible. Kit Cars LESS THAN FIFTEEN (15) YEARS OLD (assembled or unassembled) None are admissible All vehicles...
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    Ford GT to race Le Mans?

    Can't you see the videos I embedded? They look fine on my computer.
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    Ford GT to race Le Mans?

    Plenty of videos to enjoy from Ford, stemming from today's announcement to return to Le Mans in 2016. Enjoy!
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    GT40 MkIV continuation (J-16) at RM Auctions Scottsdale 2015

    SOLD at a hammer price of $600,000 USD plus 10% buyer's premium.
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    VIDEO: GT/108 at Willow Springs (Jan 2015)

    Enjoy this video by Roads & Rides of the GT40 roadster prototype GT/108 being driven at Willow Springs raceway.
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    GT40 MkIV continuation (J-16) at RM Auctions Scottsdale 2015

    I've seen this car advertised for sale for years now at an asking price of $635K.
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    GT40 MkIV continuation (J-16) at RM Auctions Scottsdale 2015

    FYI ~ J-16, one of the 1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV continuation cars by Kar Kraft LLC, is set to cross the auction block at RM Auctions Scottsdale on Jan 15 (Thu), 2015. The pre-auction estimate is $500,000-700,000 USD. See online catalogue entry here: 1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV Continuation by Kar...
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    Canadian GTs

    For the most part Canadian and American vehicle regulations are identical, but there are some minor differences (seat belts, metric gauges, daytime running lamps, etc.). I would expect that new 2005-06 Ford GTs sold in Canada complied with Canadian regulations at the time. But this probably...
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    Steve McQueen's "LeMans" 917k may fetch $20M

    Here's a link to the official auction house press release on chassis 917-024: