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    Dyno Sheet from the Ford Lightning - Stock

    I know a few people with '03 Cobra's and their dyno runs showed between 360 and 375 RWHP. I have never heard of a stocker with 390 rwhp, but with a K&N filter and a few other tweaks they get there real easy. I have also seen one with a Kenne Bell supercharger that made nearly 600 RWHP. They...
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    Here's My Engine Plan. Comments

    Re: Here\'s My Engine Plan. Comments With a TIG welder and time, almost anything is possible. The advantage of splitting the manifold is that it does not increase the height and there are less gaskets to deal with. I don't think you have any problems with height because people are using 9.5"...
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    Here's My Engine Plan. Comments

    Re: Here\'s My Engine Plan. Comments [ QUOTE ] elaborate a little more. Seriously, have you seen a manifold cut and widen or is this just a phrase for buying a new wider manifold? [/ QUOTE ] He's using webbers, I'm guessing that the manifold will use two carbs on each side, if so there...
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    Here's My Engine Plan. Comments

    Re: Here\'s My Engine Plan. Comments Yes, but in your case it won't be too bad, just cut the manifold down the middle and widen it. That might screw up your linkages, but it will work. I have a fuel injection manifold that can't do that, at least not without a lot of work.
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    Here's My Engine Plan. Comments

    Re: Here\'s My Engine Plan. Comments If you go for a 8.7" deck, I would not use a rod longer than 5.7". That would have a very good rod ratio, and the compression height of the pistons would be tall enough that there won't be any crowding of the ring package. On the other hand, the 8.2" deck...
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    Here's My Engine Plan. Comments

    Re: Here\'s My Engine Plan. Comments So, your buying an aluminum block and you don't want to spend $900-1000 for a set of custom pistons? That does not make sense. A big bore does not have any drawbacks. Since you are moving more air per stroke, that will increase the velocity of the air in...
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    Here's My Engine Plan. Comments

    Re: Here\'s My Engine Plan. Comments I think you should look at the Dart block more carefully. I think I heard that it's very hard to get the FRPP aluminum block. You should go with the biggest bore possible. The Dart's sleves can be bored to 4.165" I think, so don't settle for less than...
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    New Diff Ratios available for OI6

    So, is the pinion integrated on to one of the main shafts of the transmission? If so, that answers the question. I have never seen the inside of the Audi transmission, and the initial post that said a bearing cage caused the interference. That made me think that it could possibly be adapted...
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    New Diff Ratios available for OI6

    I don't know if this has been answered before, but I wonder why the 944 parts won't work? I asume that the ring gear will bolt up, but the pinion does not fit. So, the question becomes why not have a 944 pinion gear ground to Audi size? If it's possible, that should cost a lot less than...
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    Shortened water pump

    There are remote mount inline water pumps that remove the engine mounted pump. That would probably save the most space. You would just have to figure out how to run your belts without a water pump pulley. Traditional electric water pumps mount in the same location and have no pulley, and...
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    New Diff Ratios available for OI6

    That does sound like an interesting combination, but the front drive shaft will be very long and probably go through part of the passenger compartment. My best advice is to get the matching Audi rear differential for the front. I think that is your best chance of getting all of the wheels to...
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    tyre valve failure

    In the U.S. we have a sport called open road racing. Race organizers arange to have a very long strech of road closed off for a very high speed rally. I have heard of a similar malfunction that happened in one of these races. The result was a 160mph crash (about 270kph) one car destroyed and...
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    Insulation board? They have many types of sound insulation material and for much less than Dynamat prices.
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    56mm hole - how much horsepower?

    I have heard that the cylinder heads ported for restrictor plate racing are so weird that they don't work very well if you take off the restrictor. They also use sky high compression ratio's and cams that are only limited by the state of valve spring technology. If you can internally modify...
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    Re White Paper on engine:what's the real story?

    Re: Re White Paper on engine:what\'s the real story? I think the 2000 Cobra R model used an iron block. If you read this: You can see what a 4.6 can do with GT heads and a 14lb twin screw. The GT has slightly less boost, 12lbs, but it...
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    so - where the heck are the cars?

    A coworker spotted one on the highway.
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    handbrake calipers

    You are in SF, I'm sure that you know about parking on hills. You should always park with the car in gear. If you do that you won't roll away unless your clutch fails also. You are also suposed to turn your wheels in to the curb and let your car roll untill the wheel hits. If you follow...
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    handbrake calipers

    Lets dispel a myth about parking brakes, they are not designed to stop the car, just to keep it from rolling away. That's why they are called parking brakes, not emergency brakes. Also, if your explorer parking brake isn't any good, it's probably improperly adjusted or worn out. Ford has a...
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    handbrake calipers

    Willwood and Ford both have a very neat parking brake setup. They have a small cable opperated drum brake inside the hat of the brake rotor. The Ford setup is from the Explorer and will fit the explorer 8.8" rear end and some 9" rear ends. I think the willwood may be more generic. I don't...
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    40 inches ???

    Well, the entire GT40 program was devised to beat Ferrari on the race track. Maybe Enzo said something about the optimal height for a race car and Ford responded.