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    From MK3 to MK1 KVA

    What are you doing with the mk3 panels? I quite like the old mk3, its what I ordered originally before switching to mk1. Thanks, Kev Farrington
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    Hi guys interesting conversation about inverting the UN Renault gearbox in KVA 40s. I did all of that back in the 1980s before anyone had done that in a 40. Driveshaft angles and wanting to drop the engine to the same height as the original cars were the drivers for me. No internet back then so...
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    Current Original GT40 Value?

    Whenever GT40 values come up it reminds me of a club meeting we had at Leyland in Lancashire back in the 1980`s. At the time a real mk1 road car was advertised for sale in the motoring press. It was a nice looking blue car and was owned by a doctor I think. Back then many of us wanted to build...
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    New Gt40 from South Africa

    Ken Atwell tried one or two different rear suspension sources, VW, Ford Granada or you could do what Ray Christopher did ( and I copied ) cut off both ends of the KVA chassis and weld in subframes to take GTD suspension or your own design. This dates back to when we all built our own cars...
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    FS EU Gulf rear vents

    As far as I can remember they were open. I built my car that way (1075 copy}
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    What to look for in a salvaged 302

    That`s good advice regarding the gearbox.
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    FS EU Gulf rear vents

    The Gulf cars did not have covers like these. They only had the single vent panel on the top over the exhaust.
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    seat lowering

    I would try a bulge in the door roof rather than reduce the ground clearance if it was me. It will increase drag too. Just a thought.
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    Is Air Conditioning system necessary?

    When I built my car I thought They didn`t have it in the original cars so I didn`t want it in mine. The only time I missed having it was at Le Mans one year. In the UK it isn`t needed and helicopter vents are a good substitute as Mike said.
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    Picture Request - Turkey Pan / Rear Clip Interaction

    A lot depends on the fitted height of your engine and the manifold, of course when it comes to clearance below the window.
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    Any information on this livery

    Why not just do your own thing ( in period colours )? Just a thought.
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    I used mark one Escort lights.
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    GT40 shifter

    Easy enough to make the gate.
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    FS EU CIBIE GT40 Headlights

    Hi they look to be in good condition. I think they might be Renault 12 headlights with the dished glass. Back when I built my car I saw them in various scrap yards.
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    Jokes anyone? -

    Dead right Nick, Poor bloody cat will be getting whiplash, who`s feeding me today?
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    GTD build manuals

    Hello Simon, I would have happily come to collect if I was passing by and if I lived closer but I`m up in Cheshire and being disabled I can`t travel to your location. If you change your mind about delivery I will happily cover your time and expenses. Please say if that would be possible, thanks...
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    Clutch help

    For what its worth I can confirm what Mike said about GTD using the flywheel from the old Essex V6. Redrilling it to fit the Windsor V8 crank made me uncomfortable, having seen what can happen when they part company I decided to have a new steel one made to fit the ring gear of the V6 and...
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    Turkey Pan

    Hello Andy do you have any prices? I`m interested in one for IDA`s, thanks, Kev Farrington
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    Gulf Livery no.6 Le mans

    The roundel shape that I and others copied was because it simply ripped when it was fitted. Richie Bray, the JWAE mechanic who fitted it told me that.
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    Unknown GT40 replica restomod.

    NICE. I don`t normally like over modified 40`s but that one floats my boat.