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    Is this still available?
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    ZF 5DS-25/2 Transaxle Inversion

    Here I am with a ERA gt40 where the zf trans does not have the oil level hole installed on the passenger side per ERA. There is an existing bolt on the side just rear of where ERA recommends installing an oil level hole. Why can't this existing be used? It's at the same elevation. Am I...
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    repo VIN plates?

    Just received my second vin plate from Lynn. The first was an FAV plate for my gt40 a couple rears ago. This past week I purchased a JW automotive plate for my other car. He and I coordinated vin punching since I didn't want perfect placement. (typical of original plates). He punched the...
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    GT40 leading again

    I questioned that myself. Same with the cobra. Can't be because of the engine. If that were the case we'd call Jensen interceptor , Morgan+8, Mangusta, Pantera, Iso Grifo, Facel Vega, Monteverde, Bizzarini etc American. I assume it's because it was Ford/USA lemans effort.
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    I think I spotted a real Gulf car in CA...

    Hey I was behind this in a Ferrari 559. I tried and tried but couldn't seem to pass it. Ugh.
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    GT40 leading again

    Once again Sports car market magazine has been having its reader pole for the most collectible car. This has been a month long process of voting. After elimination of an incredible list of automobiles they're down to the final two. Its the 60s all over again. Ford vs Ferrari. Guess who's...
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    Compomotive Wheels and tires.

    Hello All. I have recently purchased an ERA GT40 wearing 17 inch Compomotive wheels shod with Michelin 335/35 ZR17 at rear. [unsure of front size as car has not arrived] These are bolt on type with around 3000 miles. I am planning to replace with 15" wheels so looking to sell. Anyone know what...
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    The New Guy

    Another new guy here. Sold the Italian stuff and finally going for what I've always wanted in the first place. Hope to find it here and become a most active owner. [I.E.: drive it!]