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    302 Engine Wanted

    Have you considered a brand new crate engine from Ford?
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    Avon stops production.

    So Cooper bought Avon, then Goodyear then bought Cooper and now Goodyear doesn't want to use the Avon factory to make any more tires? I hope they get a good tax right-off for the factory closure.
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    Greenwich Concours de Sport

    I was surprised. After lunch, I found two ribbons on 1030. The first was a purple "Specialty Award". The second was a "Finalist" ribbon. When I drove up to the prize area, 1030 received an award for "Best Performance Car". I was then told to loop around and get in line for a second award...
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    Greenwich Concours de Sport

    If you're going to Saturday's Concours de Sport, I'll probably be somewhere near 1030 wearing a white ballcap with the steering wheel GT40 logo. I'll also be at Sunday's Concours d'Elegance, but as a tourist (and wearing the same hat).
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    Ferrari and a GT40

    Automobilia Ladenburg had an interesting photo of a GT40 from 1966 in today's auction. It sold for 1,700 Euros (well beyond the bid I submitted online). The registration number appears to belong to 1048. It did several races in Italy in 1966, so it's not surprising that Enzo Ferrari and Mauro...
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    Original GT40's in Australia - Past & Present

    Colin Hyams sold it to Alec Copeland. In the early 90s it was sold to another Australian at an auction. Then in 1994 it was shipped to the US and sold by a Ferrari dealer. I just found some photos of 1030 in Australia that were posted by Colin Hyams to...
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    Comment by 'BenL' in media 'Jensen Healey and Sydney'

    How long until she's driving?
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    Jokes anyone? -

    Delivery is definitely a good option. I've used an open car trailer for hauling long pieces of lumber, large cattle panels, a lawn tractor, furniture, ....
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    Found this old photo.....

    Where and when was the photo taken?
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    Goodwood on a Sunny day... HaHa!

    OTOH, "Racing in the Rain" is a great book by John Horsman (which covers GT40s and other cars he worked with)
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    Greenwich Concours de Sport

    For those not in the US, this is in Greenwich, Connecticut, not the UK.
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    917 Del Mar, CA

    I don't know, but it looks like it's mounted at a high point. Could it be a vent?
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    Monocoque Measurements

    One thing to remember is that the holes were made by humans, not machines. There is a little bit of variance in each car. It's a feature that Ronnie Spain sometimes uses to identify individual cars from factory and historic photos.
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    Greenwich Concours de Sport "Join us for our inaugural Concours de Sport, featuring a highly curated selection of the epitome of automotive style, performance and innovation. Across 15 judged car classes, enjoy some of the world’s most exciting automobiles." 1030 will...
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    Air Cleaner Recommendations

    Here's a photo from a few years ago of 1030's air filter sitting on a Holley carb (with a random Scotsman). IIRC, it's a Fram air filter (you can see a little bit of the orange).
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    Current Original GT40 Value?

    J-10 is an odd car.
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    Current Original GT40 Value?

    What do folks think of Haggerty's estimate of the current values of GT40s? Prototype $7.7 million Mk I $6.4 million Mk II $8.4 million Mk III $5.1 million Mk IV $6.8 million These values are for cars in...
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    Racing green project car

    Glad to know that Dave Morton's car is in good hands.
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    Radiator Flow path Original Serck

    Or point nose down on a steep hill (such as the driveway to my garage). :)
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    Car Security

    I wonder if something like Tile or AirTags would work?