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  1. Don Nye

    Help in bypassing wiper parking function.

    I'm not sure which manufacturer a SPF uses however if I was looking at this issue I would start by looking at the wiring connection on the wiper motor. My motor has three wires. One is hot all the time, this is the park wire, one for low speed and one for the high speed. In my case all I have...
  2. Don Nye

    Aerodynamics question

    Although not a SLC the photo of the 1967 J7 car is clearly showing what Ford was trying on the radiator discharge in front of the windshield. Pre Dan Gurney flap?
  3. Don Nye

    Air leaks with slip fit collectors and EFI causing rich A/F?

    Joel, I can only give you my experance with single slip on headers and EFI. I originally ran dual Holley's with no problems other than starting issues I had with an auto electric choke. I made the commitment to go with the Holley Sniper dual four EFI setup and placed my O2 sensor after the...
  4. Don Nye

    Comment by 'Don Nye' in media 'Maße_06a.jpg'

    The 298.45 should be from the ground to the center of the wheel as should the 323.85 in the rear. Not noted on your sketch, the front sill is 339.7 and you have the back correct at 358.7.
  5. Don Nye

    Comment by 'Don Nye' in media 'Maße_04.jpg'

    I will take some measurements this weekend and message you back with the heights. Don
  6. Don Nye

    my Lola T70 REP

    Very nice Chris!
  7. Don Nye

    Which engine for my MK IV project?

    I would agree the FE belongs in the Mk IV with all the trim of the 1967 cars.
  8. Don Nye

    Part 2 of Don's Mk IV Build

    Last weekend I installed a glass rear windshield and I'm very happy about the results. The old plexi glass just looked like a plexiglass window. Thought I would share a few quick photos I took in the garage. Always nice to make improvements to the car.
  9. Don Nye

    Heat shielding

    Nice work Mahlon!
  10. Don Nye

    Gear ratios for the GT40 Mark IV?

    Ian, You may want to find a copy of SAE paper 670071. This was the paper written about the Ford dyno setup they used to simulate the Le Mans Circuit. Drive shafts were connected to the dyno so no tire growth in these numbers. When building my Mk IV I worked the numbers until I got a gear...
  11. Don Nye

    Gold colour P1016 Help please

    Morten, Maybe you are looking for Gold and not one of the Ford colors used in the early 60's. Just looking at paint codes the one that looks like your Gold is the 1961 Ford color Algiers Bronze, I attached a car painted in that color or it could be the 1966 Ford color Antique Bronze Poly...
  12. Don Nye

    mk4 for sale in Belgium

    From what I see the two cars are different cars unless a lot of work went in to changing the body. The Belgium car has a square rocker panel while the New Zealand car has rounded rocker like the J4 car. All the cars from J5 on had square rockers They have different noses one with vent holes...
  13. Don Nye

    Jimmymac & Alistair's Cars

    Thanks for sharing. Never knew it was shaped like that. Don
  14. Don Nye

    Part 2 of Don's Mk IV Build

    One last cool picture of me driving on the F1 track in Austin Texas.
  15. Don Nye

    Part 2 of Don's Mk IV Build

    Last Saturday I won best of class in the race car division! What a rush to win something for showing the car. I have attached some pictures. The best part of the day was taking the car on track at speed. I got two good runs past the grandstands up the hill to turn 1 at over 100+ MPH. I...
  16. Don Nye

    Part 2 of Don's Mk IV Build

    Update, Took the car to 9th Annual Shelby car Show held in Plano, Tx. June 9th and had a great time meeting the Shelby family. S.C.A.T. members are very friendly and fun to be around. I have attached some photos of the car show. Arron Shelby, Carrol Shelby's grandson really liked the GT and...
  17. Don Nye

    New gt40 orders

    I like you Bob continue to work on my car but have started taking it to car shows and driving it more. There will always be more things I want to do on the car to make it better. Had a great time last weekend in your area with the car at the Shelby car show in Plano. Don
  18. Don Nye

    A bit of art

    Very nice! All the Best,
  19. Don Nye

    Part 2 of Don's Mk IV Build

    John, Planning on having it at TCC. This car loves long straight-a-ways.
  20. Don Nye

    Glad to be here!

    John, I hope you have it finished by the first weekend in April. I want to see your car in San Marcos.